Google Bans Cryptocurrency-related Ads

Facebook and Instagram were the first to block ICO-related ads, and in a matter of 6 weeks Google joined the club. In particular, Google in their blog announced that the new rules will affect the ads related to cryptocurrencies, ICOs, cryptocurrency exchanges, crypto-wallets and crypto-trading. Also, aggregator and affiliate ads promoting cryptocurrency related content will also be prohibited.

We suggest the reason is regulators had no other way to deal with the lack of legal basis, standards and guidelines, rather than to enforce such prohibitive actions among the major players of the market: for instance, this time it was Canadian Manitoba Securities Commission to initiate the request to ban cryptocurrency related ads at Google.

It is important to note that the ban only concerns adverts in Google, while search results are supposed to remain intact. We could think of firearms as an analogy: you do not see firearms among the adds, but a search inquiry will take you to a list of gun shop websites.

There is a solid reason that caused the prohibition: scammers worldwide are successfully milking millions of dollars out of millions of honest people under false pretenses and promises. The root of evil in this case is the overall lack of knowledge and available data.

That is why catalogues/ecosystems/platfroms like KICKICO become essential in the given conditions: at KICKICO we have the necessary knowledge. We have been in the newly born industry for a year checking, assessing and analyzing the projects we have been listing. We evaluate and filter out scam and untrustworthy projects.

The accumulated knowledge base we have developed allows us to establish and scale up a community of investors, while we constantly keep receiving feedback regarding every aspect of the industry.

We believe in available data. We want every member of the community to have competence. We wish everyone could make a right choice.

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