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We can see our community seeks for some deeper insights on how the campaigns on our platform are working on their crowdsales. One of the ways to get the info about an interesting project is to follow various media resources or follow someone else’s advice, but every opportunity to learn about each campaign is to get the team and their advisors reveal some prospects to the public.

Hacken, the project we have had launched its crowdsale campaign on KICKICO that brings in an ecosystem for White Hat Hackers to help develop security solutions, is going to hold an online video conference with John McAfee and Dmytro Budorin, their CEO and co-founder. Recently John McAfee has joined the advisors’ board of Hacken, which immediately raised their collections over $3,2 million. Such progress was obviously anticipated due to McAfee’s vast experience in computer security systems.

There are two more updates to follow carefully regarding Hacken’s case, considering their business prospect and their campaign.

The first one is that they are holding an online conference with McAfee which is intended to give a deeper understanding of their business to the audience. It is always a benefit for a project to be open in details of their business so their potential backers can make more sophisticated assessments. Naturally, the purpose of an offline meet-up is to present a project to bigger investors and crypto funds, while an online conference is something open to all sorts of followers worldwide. We truly expect that kind of accessibility from every kind of project since we believe being crystal-clear publicly is the basis of any blockchain business.

The second great deal Hacken has to announce is that from November 24 to 26 John McAfee grants an extra discount of 20% for the new backers. A wit could easily some it up with the initial 10% discount for those supporting the project in KickCoin.

We suggest that it shall be a priority for every project to put the interests and the awareness of the community as high as their own and we are glad to say Hacken is one of those who truly shares our vision.

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