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Sam Colt made the Great Equalizer of the past and we work to deliver equality to the 21st century markets.

Gadget and electronics production is an industry that remains hardly reachable for a new company: sometimes it requires powers even a well developed business cannot afford, not to mention smaller firms or start-ups; at the same time the modern trends indicate the future of the High Tech industry is to be developed by small businesses.

Hamster Marketplace announces their tokensale launch at KICKICO: the project introduces a platform for modern gadget start-ups and independent electronics to be able to compete with the industry’s leading corporations.

Nowadays it turns out hard to begin in the market for even the most talented engineer without a design lab, sales department and what’s more, without a reputation in electronics. It often happens interesting and sophisticated projects are never seen by the public simply because one individual is unable to handle everything within the current market conditions.

Hamster Marketplace aims to change the entire industry by introducing their new rules: they are giving a solution for independent developers to find their audience and funds for development. The project will create a new niche to link prototype labs with major retail networks selling goods in hundreds and thousands. All sorts of developers are welcome, including DIY-inventors.

The platform will cut out all the middle men: only the producer will call the price. The system will also provide quality ratings to every seller to protect the consumers’ right and assure highest quality and efficiency.

All the project’s solutions combined will be able to turn any local company into a major market whale and everyone is welcome to take part: the crowdsale is already on and we of course provide our new bonuses for backers! Every ETH pledge gets a 5% bonus and every KICK pledge receives a 10% bonus!

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