Hello! Let us take everyone step by step

A) KickCoin smart contract does not have the ‘’admin function that allows the operator to move “client” funds’’

B) The safety steps have been taken right after trade.io announced the delisting without prior notice or an official statement to both parties.

C) All token holders will receive their tokens back after the Swap (29th of August 2019), as soon as trade.io provides KICK Team with a list of holders and their balances (we cannot determine the amount without such information)

D) This situation was provoked by trade.io in the first place
The chronology of events occurred and posts published clearly demonstrates it.
1. KICK announces the Swap (29 of August)
2. trade.io delists KICK without notice saying that they do not support the Swap (1st of August 17:59 pm Moscow time)
3. KICK destroys tokens stored on trade.io due to safety (1st of August 19:01pm Moscow time)
4. trade.io falsely accuse KICK ( 2nd of August)

E) In their latest article trade.io claims to have provided proof of Kickico initiating a clawback. We would like to debunk that proof: the provided screenshot is from our KICKEX — (Russian) trading chat. It is stated there that KICK CEO admits that a clawback was initiated, however, if one bothers to translate the phrase that the CEO wrote, he/she would get “maybe something happened, lol”. This only shows the incompetence of trade.io team and their attempts to find a scapegoat for their unjust actions. The rest is up to you to decide, we will no longer waste time on such petty accusations.

F) Please see our page with screenshots for the proofs

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