Help the other: good deeds first

Everybody talks about ICO, about charges, big money and business — KICKICO is not an exception, however the team as always stands out and made the right decision to help the ones who need this. That is precisely why KICKICO’s team has decided to organize a special fund for projects that probably do not promise huge profits, but they bring real value.

There are actually plenty of such important projects: release of children’s books, training manuals, organisation of exhibitions, charitable campaigns or simply collecting donations for a musical instrument.

KICKICO enables the authors of these campaigns to earn some kind of a “plus in karma” — 1% of the amount collected at the author’s wish can be transferred to a special fund, which we created in order to help such projects.

For authors who have decided to support our Fund, we have provided various promotion: different features within the platform, special badge on the page and tag on their campaign in order the whole community sees: this very campaign contributes to the improvement of the world.

Which campaigns will be nominated for fund raising? At start, we will determine whether the project is commercial or not. In the future, the KICKICO’s community will make decisions by voting for this or that project.

KICKICO is a unique platform for conducting ICO, crowdfunding and crowdinvesting supported by smart contracts. This is the platform for raising funds for financing projects and campaigns. With the help of KICKICO, the author himself can choose in which country to incorporate his company and in which country to pay taxes, which gives him the opportunity to optimize them. We create not just a 2.0 generation platform for crowdfunding, but we also want to create the global community of crowdfunding.

Know more about us on and join the cryptovolution with our ICO starting on Aug.29, 1:00 p.m (UTM).

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