How to participate in the KickICO’s preICO ?

Step-by-step manual

Get Bitcoin (BTC)

  1. Put money on your card
  2. Use telegram-bot BTC Banker and press start. Choose your language and currency (or you can use, but verification is required).
  3. Press Buy/Sell BTC. To be able to independently choose the offers for purchase with the most favorable amount and rate you must turn off the «Autopilot». Then press «Buy» button.

4. Select payment method.

5. After choosing the payment method the bot will show the available offers for the sale of bitcoins with the indication of the rate and limits.

6. Select the appropriate option for the amount and limit and click on it. Choose «open a deal» and enter the amount for the transaction and send. Confirm by pressing «yes».

7. After sending the seller will be notified of the request for a deal. Wait until he answers you with a confirmation and displays the details for which you need to make a transfer in USD.

8. Send money to the specified details and click «confirm the money transfer». And then click «yes» to confirm.

*Attention! Don’t click «confirm the money transfer» until you send the money to the seller on the requisites.

9. Within a short time (usually less than 5 min) Your account will be credited.

10. Then send Bitcoins to exchange address EXMO.

11. Go to and sign in (activate account by e-mail).

12. Choosing a site section with a wallet: Then press «Deposit» for BTC.

13. Сreate a wallet.

14. The address of the wallet for transferring the bitcoins to recharge the balance appears. Copy it.

15. Go to BTC Banker, select «wallet» and «withdraw».

16. Insert the Bitcoin’s wallet that you copied from in the address field and click «send».

17. Specify the amount you can send (only numbers) and send.

18. Wait for the network to process your payment and your balance will be added to the stock exchange. Transfer of funds to the balance of pass through 6 network confirmations (6 confirmations). Check the progress of the transaction on the link that the bot offers you.

Get Ether (ETH)

19. Go to in the «exchange» section and choose in the drop-down list what you give to BTC and get ETH.

20. Enter the amount in the bitcoins you want to change and click the «exchange». Now you have ETH on the balance sheet.

21. Go to And follow the instructions to create your wallet ether.

22. Save your file and click the button that you understand. Continue.

23. On the next screen save your private key and click on the save your address button.

24. On the next screen choose How do you want to access your wallet. Select the Keystore File (UTC / JSON) and click on the button on the right. Select the file that you saved in step 21 and enter the password for access.

25. After unlocking the address you will see below your wallet number.

26. Go to In the wallet section opposite ETH, select «withdraw» and in the next window enter the amount available in ETH and the address of your ETH wallet with and press «withdraw».

27. Having received ETH on your wallet, choose «Send Ether & Tokens» in the menu. Unlock your wallet with a file and your password.

28. Enter the address and amount of the transfer. And click to generate the transaction. The address for sending is taken from the site:

29. To add KC tokens after sending to your wallet enter your Ethereum wallet (usually and select «Add custom token». You will see three fields: token name, wallet address and decimals.

Token name specifies «KC». Wallet address is the address of the smart contract to which you sent the air, specify: 0x0e9C4d8610Aa2cf0DaBDAbB19920A1C810B65720,

Decimals — the number of characters after the point, specify 8.After that, click «Add» and you will see your KickCoin balance.



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