How to preserve indigenous cultures and languages? Blockchain-based Indigen project will tell you.

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KICKICO Team welcomes the very first project to deliver such a mission.

According to Indigen Team, their focus is to save the dying cultures and languages, to uplift the lives of the indigenous people and protect their rights and identities, to combine traditions and technology into a fusion of empowerment for the younger generations to uphold.

Indigen Team claims to have already launched their own blockchain platform, and various merchant tools that will help maximise the use of it.

The Team stresses that no matter the status of the crypto market and lack of funding, their projects undergo continuous development. KICKICO Team supports this vision and сalls every project to stay true and dedicated to their mission making the world a better place.

When speaking exclusively to KICKICO Team, the CEO of Indigen Larrimar Tia outlined some of the challenges for the project and how they plan to overcome those:

“I believe that the primary challenge is the financial sustenance of the project and how we will be able to reach out to the many global indigenous people who speak different languages, who have different social outlook and behaviour, and who have different levels of technical know-how” — Larrimar said.

As highlighted by Indigen Team, the project is composed of different use cases, therefore there must be not just a single team working on a specific development project, but several teams working on various technical aspects and security levels of the whole project. And this is the reason, Indigen has considered launching an ICO campaign to bring in additional funding to acquire many talents.

Indigen Team underlines that every investment that comes in, will be devoted entirely on developing the projects and grow the project sustainably long term even after the ICO.

In regard to their tokens, the portion of the purchases of Indigen XT tokens goes straight to various outreach programs geared towards the poor indigenous children.

When asked about the estimated launch, Larrimar responded:

It could take me more than a year to come up with a truly workable version of the first few use cases I'm thinking of

Larrimar anticipates hiring additional team members to fast-track the developments. Aside from technical people, Indigen also needs to hire coordinators with indigenous groups to conduct studies and acquire data that we can use in the implementation of our use cases. The team believes that it is not like “just build it and they will come” type of scenario. ‘We need to build it and we have to go to them to let them know it exists and to make them use it’, says the CEO.

Let’s support Indigen to reach out to as many indigenous people as possible through various outreach programs and charity projects by contributing via KICKICO website

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Welcome to the official Kick Ecosystem blog. It's great to have you with us, enjoy a good read! Our websites: |