What’s better — giving presents or receiving them? It’s a no-brainer, here at KICKICO we really do love giving gifts!

And when it comes to those awesome people who believed in us and supported during our ICO, we are not going to skimp! As promised, every participant, who contributed 10 ETH and more during the ICO can take part in the lottery drawing. We’ve promised a tremendous amount of KickCoins (KICK) as a reward, which you can easily use to support the most appealing projects on our platform.

This gift is becoming more and more valuable with every passing minute, as more and more projects start accepting KICK. Every participant has a personal number assigned to him or her, which means everyone has an equal chance of winning their share in the lottery pool.

The grand prix — 300 000 KickCoins, the second and the third places get 200 000 and 100 000 KickCoins respectively, and 400 000 will be distributed amongst the lucky runner-ups, taking places from 4th to 10th. The total lottery pool of 1 000 000 KickCoins will be raffled on the 1st of November, 18:00 UTC via randompicker.com. The recording of the raffle will be available on our social media accounts.

The total pool of 1 000 000 KickCoins will be distributed as shown below:

The drawing will be conducted automatically and transparently. We will contact the winners personally to discuss the prize transfer details.

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