The world’s first decentralized and self-regulating investment intelligence and rating platform, Ignite Ratings, start their ICO at KICKICO today.

The point that makes Ignite Ratings stand out is their core: the project relies on the community, the HIVE, in order to verify and provide investment assessment and to become the first rating platform with an Index that directly benefits the participating token holders.

“Ignite RATINGs aims to wholly disrupt and decentralise the traditional investment ratings process, through the wisdom of a democratic and borderless community. The RATINGS platform permits each HIVE member to submit and rate issues/assets, analyse and rate the data provided by other Hive members, build a 5* reputation, and have access to the Ignite INDEX trading signals.”

In the world of constant change it is often crucial to miss an opportunity, and the solutions we have are often not sufficient: this is when the HIVE brings in its great value of letting us put all our heads together.

The platform will allow its members to share their knowledge, access ratings and review them: every participant depending on his or her reputation will have different influence on the the overall ratings process and a different reward rate — every contribution to benefit the entire HIVE will benefit the contributor in return.

This is how the whole thing is going to work for a member:

The system will use Ignite’s Dual Token strategy with IGNT token used on the platform that will be convertible for the exchangeable IGNX token.

The project has already raised 2000 ETH in presale and the current ICO, having raised even more in the private seed; the supporting community is vast and so far has reached over 1500 unique contributors who are members of the Hive Community.

The Ignite Index is already funded and ready to trade with 1155 ETH, so the faster they close their sale, the sooner we will all gain the result.

Having Tzero, Coinfirm, Private Transaction Network, and Bancor in the list of their partners, Ignite Ratings is aimed to form an all in one platform that is a tool for finding ICO and crypto asset ratings, to provide your own ratings, to review others’ ratings, and to have an access to trading tools.

To join the HIVE and support Ignite Ratings contribute in ETH to get a 5% bonus or in KickCoins to get a 10% bonus.

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