There are sometimes cases when we announce a project at some point that would make you feel we have done everything to make you hurry. Well, the truth is we always suggest everyone to take time for the decision making, and the announcement that we are publishing right now came when it came because there was something to prepare before the launch.

Now we have a lot of international projects launching or going to launch on KICKICO, and we have decided to establish the KYC protocol to make sure everything is in compliance with legal requirements, so therefore our platform is safe and offers a clean product, being protected from any fraudulent activity.

The first project to require KYC is INS, which is right about to start their sale on KICKICO. INS has an aim to build up a decentralized ecosystem for grocery distribution, and they believe the major problem they are facing are, as they put it in their campaign description”, a “handful” of big retailers dominating the major part of the world’s grocery markets in every country. Not to make it sound like a college kid’s motto in his or her best intention to fight all the Evil Corporations, it should be said that what INS is about to change is not the allocation of powers on the grocery market but the way the supply and demand meet each other. According to INS’s statistics, the major retailers add up 30–50 per cent of the product price, and the cause is not their greed but insufficiency of their supply chains.

Besides, at the current markets the second highest expense is trade marketing, which seems to consume a lot of resources but remain rather inefficient. An army of middlemen in their attempts to promote a product only increase the final price but hardly ever happen to be scalable to promote a product globally.

INS promises to solve these problems by introducing their project’s solution:

“The only global decentralized online manufacturer-to-consumer platform, enabling consumers to purchase directly from manufacturers without the intermediation of retailers, powered by a self-regulating community of consumers and manufacturers. Our smart contracts enable manufacturers to run bespoke loyalty programs and reward their customers in INS tokens”.

In order to assess a new project it is essential to get clear on the goals the authors are chasing: INS expects to provide a new decentralized ecosystem in which every manufacturer will have a direct access to their customers and vice versa. To make their supply chains more efficient than those currently used in traditional markets, INS will deploy a system of smart contracts to provide higher speeds, lower costs and loyalty programmes for patrons.

Such values shall definitely appeal to those of you who appreciate the idea of a free market, where quality matches individual’s expectations without a prism of marketing promos, where each and every has a say in terms of manufacturer and customer relationship and where the price is fixed upon quality and demand rather than increased costs of inefficient solutions.

To support INS please take a look at their campaign at KICKICO, the sale is already in progress. The traditional 10% bonus for backers in Kickcoins applies.

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Welcome to the official Kick Ecosystem blog. It's great to have you with us, enjoy a good read! Our websites: |

Welcome to the official Kick Ecosystem blog. It's great to have you with us, enjoy a good read! Our websites: |