We are glad to open this week with one more project that utilizes the functions of the blockchain technology for something beyond mere ICO fundraising: INTRO, a new distributed-ledger based solution for housing and construction facilities, is initiating its fundraising campaign at KICKICO.

We are all familiar with the real estate market, we have all heard many times the housing market is often the last bastion of secure investment, but only by personal experience we learn the difficulties and infirmities related to constructing, buying or selling a home.

INTRO describes their mission as making the global off-plan property market transparent and protecting the developers and homebuyers against insecure investment.

Having a lot of experience in the fiat-based construction market development, the INTRO team aims to enable more security and reliability by means of the broad functionality of their ecosystem:

  1. INTRO is a BI (Business Intelligence) system for the participants of off-plan development — builders, investors, homebuyers, banks and other agents.
  2. INTRO IT products provide access to advanced market analytics for industry professionals as well as for private homebuyers. The register of under construction objects and investors’ contracts are stored in the blockchain, which in turn receives data from official state sources. This allows for effective market analysis without violating the proprietors’ rights to personal data protection.
  3. INTRO system users will be able to find the most attractive off-plan properties in dozens of countries and invest in the ongoing construction under smart contracts. The blockchain ensures reliability of the information about the building plan and transaction security, while avoiding costs of intermediation by real estate brokers, lawyers or profiteers. Smart contracts enable the users to save up to 30% on property investment.

Such solutions promise to be applicable to most world’s construction and housing development markets, and we will probably in the nearest future see more and more spread of the INTRO technologies.

The INTRO ecosystem is fueled by its own tokens, which are now available for purchase at KICKICO.

The INTRO tokens will have a wide range of applications, thus being the center of the project’s economy, allowing users gain advantage from multiple applications:

  • Homebuyers will be able to purchase under-construction properties directly from the developers.
  • Investors will receive discounted offers from developers worldwide.
  • INTRO Token holders will receive the international market data and investment offers.
  • Paying with INTRO tokens will reduce the ecosystem fees down to just 1%

Altogether, considering the determination to go worldwide and develop even more applications in various geographies, INTRO’s potential to become the industry standard is nothing short of admirable.

For everyone interested in supporting the rise of the project, KICKICO gladly reminds of the traditional bonuses provided at our platform: every pledge in ETH receives a 5% on top, and every contribution in KICK is entitled to a 10% bonus!

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Welcome to the official Kick Ecosystem blog. It's great to have you with us, enjoy a good read! Our websites: kickex.com | kickico.com

Welcome to the official Kick Ecosystem blog. It's great to have you with us, enjoy a good read! Our websites: kickex.com | kickico.com