Introducing a new listing on KickEX exchange

Dear KickEX community members,

KickEX exchange will list a popular token — BAL. Trading for BAL/USDT will begin on 15/02/2021 15:00 PM (UTC+3). BAL deposits are already open for all of our users.

Learn more about the project:

What is BAL?

BAL Smart Contract

Fees on Trading

What is BAL?

Balancer (BAL) is a protocol for multichannel automatic marketing built on Ethereum. Aim of the token is to ensure greater decentralization and to stimulate LP. BAL is a key way to decentralize the control of the protocol so it can remain stable over time and protected from failures of any individual participant.

BAL Smart Contract

BAL Smart Contract can be found here

Fees on Trading

Learn more on the KickEX exchange fee structure here

Risk warning: Cryptocurrencies are often a subject to high price volatility. Trading cryptocurrencies is a high-risk activity. Please, ensure you assess the risks well, fully understand the BAL project and ready to start trading. KickEX exchange will make best efforts to choose high-quality coins, but will not be responsible for your trading losses.

We wish you successful trading and see you on!

KickEX Team

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