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Kasko2go at KICKICO

Kasko2go offers car insurance to individual customers using blockchain as well as military-grade AI, telematics from drivers over 5 years and advanced data analysis tools. The company creates the ecosystem that helps to get cheaper insurance if your driving skills are better than others have. Besides, it helps insurance companies to get low-risk customers.

Since 2011, the company started to analyse driving styles and checked over 3 million drivers since then. A wide range of technologies used by Kasko2go gives an opportunity to predict possible driving style and to calculate the risks, and then to create the best insurance solution for all types of customers.

Kasko2go token (K2G) will be the fuel of the kasko2go ecosystem used by customers and kasko2go third-party business partners worldwide. The price of the K2G token is EUR 0.10 during the presale.

Some facts:

  • Kasko2go is 20 to 50% cheaper than others.
  • Strong anti-fraud system
  • AI prevents double-claiming and turns every car damage to a digital fingerprint that helps to identify every case
  • Kasko2go is a member of Crypto Valley approved by SRO
  • Highly rated by Blocksmatter Independent Report
  • Soft cap — 3 mln euro

You are welcome to take part in the ICO in order to join Kasko2go at the early stage, and we at KICKICO are always happy to provide our customary 5% bonuses for ETH and 10% bonuses for KICK contributions.

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