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Dear KICK Community! We’re calling on you to support your favorite project. Today, the KICK community has exceeded 100,000 members from 25 countries around the world. In total, there are more than 30,000 $KICK holders. Together, we make up a large and mighty army, capable of sending the KICK token to the moon while getting generous rewards from your own activity. This instructional guide won’t just help develop the project, but will also boost your knowledge in the crypto world.

It’s no secret that the power of strong, pumped coins lies in the powerful community that stands behind their favorite projects day and night. Just look at the successes of Kishu Inu, SafeMoon, Shiba Inu and many others! Behind every successful project, there is a strong army of a community that believes in it and supports it no matter what.

It’s draft time!

So, KICK ARMY, the time has come to not stand idly by, but to act! The crypto world is no place for laziness, and a one-man-army is not an army! The more people learn about the Kick Ecosystem and become KICK holders, the closer the moon will get, and the greener KICK will become. Isn’t that what we’re all waiting for?

We urge you not to wait for a miracle to happen, but to take the initiative into your own hands. After all, the more of us there are, the stronger we are, and as a result, more listings will appear, more people will write about us and, consequently, you’ll be better off! To help all of us grow, you need to follow these instructions.


First thing’s first, join the English-language KICK Community chat room, where you’ll be able to chat with support 24/7, with the CEO and Founder, Anti Danilevski, and with like-minded people.

Telegram chat

Don’t forget to share the link to our chat with your friends and acquaintances to constantly expand our community. Send newcomers your KickRef referral link to sign up on the exchange and earn money in BTC, ETH, and USDT from the trading they do. The more people you bring to KickEX, the more you will earn (more on KickRef below)!

Be sure to subscribe to our news channel. You’ll be able to learn about the latest KICK news and announcements before anyone else: Telegram News Channel

There are hundreds of communities on Telegram discussing cryptocurrencies and projects. Connect with them, join the discussion, and talk about KICK, but never spam — you might get banned instantly. The right tactic is to answer questions and to defend your point of view along with KICK. If there’s more than one of you, you can talk to each other about KICK, KickEX, and so on, and involve other users in your conversations. Be prepared to answer questions and criticisms in a reasonable manner, educate others in the group, and always remain polite!


The entire crypto community lives on Twitter, where people learn about new coins and projects and share their impressions and personal experience.

1. Follow our 3 pages:

KickEX Twitter

Twitter of CEO Anti Danilevski

Kick Ecosystem Twitter

2. Start following everyone we follow on these three pages. These are significant profiles in the crypto industry. You’ll hear all major news and opinions from them. Be on the lookout for new and interesting Twitter crypto bloggers!

3. Give your profiles a boost! Give yourself a readable nickname, an avatar, a name, and a profile description. Follow each other: share your Twitter profiles in our Telegram chat. The more united our team is, the better results we’ll achieve!

4. Like, retweet, and comment on each of our tweets (posts):

Note that there are two options for retweeting: “retweet” and “quote”. By clicking “retweet”, you’ll duplicate the tweet onto your page. By clicking “quote”, you get to add your own caption right above our tweet.

5. Tag famous accounts with the @ symbol under our tweets and in yours, reply to their tweets (write comments), and add hashtags. You’ve already started following crypto bloggers (point 2), now it’s time to tell them about KICK! Write comments under their posts telling them about our news and features, about the KICK token, BUT DO NOT SPAM! Your comment should look natural and organic, not like a paid advertising bot, otherwise you might get banned.

Tag @kickexcom and @antidanilevski in the comments. Use these hashtags: $KICK (tokens are denoted by a dollar sign on Twitter), #kicktoken, #kickex, #kickecosystem, #kickarmy, BUT NOT ALL AT ONCE! Don’t clutter up your tweets; keep them readable!

You can also “quote” our tweets (point 4), and in the caption of the quote, reference significant individuals in the crypto world through the @ symbol in order to draw their attention.

6. Write your own tweets and add popular hashtags: #crypto, #cryptonews, #cryptotrading, #staking and so on. Use only horizontal images so that Twitter doesn’t crop them off in the feed. Create and publish memes about KickEX and KICK (more info about meme generators below). Create your own unique content and you’ll not only help the project, but also pump up your account, quickly getting new subscribers, and having more and more people read every subsequent post you make!

The official KICK logo can be found by following this link to Google Drive.

In addition, talk about KICK, share your opinions, but don’t forget to tag famous people and us using the @ symbol and, again, always remember about the hashtags (point 5). Even a completely new, fresh account will begin to grow that way, and any posts, thanks to the hashtags, will be seen by thousands of people!

The more KICK shows up on Twitter, the more like-minded people join the community and start trading on the exchange. This means events like buybacks, big contests, listings, and more will come quicker. Even just a few people actively tweeting and posting funny or interesting content on a daily basis can do wonders!


Subscribe to our news blog, where we publish in-depth articles featuring all the details of our news and updates, instructions, and other useful materials:

Medium Kick Ecosystem, our blog

In order for our articles to rise to the top and be seen by more people, please write comments and “clap” under the article 50 times:

Also, be sure to add the article to the “reading list”, it also affects the popularity of the article:

Why this is necessary: articles that get a lot of clicks (about 3,000) get featured for free in publications like Hackernoon, for example, and make it to the top of the Medium newsfeed even for people who aren’t subscribed to our blog. This is VERY important and useful. It’s only a couple of seconds for you, but the benefit to all of us is huge.

In addition, take just 1 extra second to comment and repost our articles. If all of you do this consistently, then we’ll get to the moon much quicker! There’s a demand for articles like these. Tokens like KICK get noticed, and new people follow projects like Kick Ecosystem. Just a few seconds of your life will cause the demand for KICK to increase every day. Don’t skimp on the likes and claps; they truly help a lot!


The Kick Ecosystem has 2 pages and 3 groups on Facebook. Subscribe to our pages and join our groups:

KickEX Facebook

Kick Ecosystem Facebook

KickEX Facebook group

Kick Ecosystem Facebook group

KickICO Facebook group

You can find daily news and updates there, so don’t forget to like and repost our posts on your pages to let as many people as possible know about them. Post comments, add each other as friends, discuss news… activity on Facebook attracts new people to the project!


Reddit is an integral part of the crypto community. Be sure to have a Reddit account if you don’t have one already. Subscribe to our 2 subreddits (groups on Reddit):

KickEX Reddit

Kick Ecosystem Reddit

To support our posts, click on the up arrow and write your comment below:

You can also post your news on our subreddits, lead discussions there, ask questions, and answer questions from other users. Share your impressions of the products, your memes, and your opinions:

This is how you boost your profile, because the more “upvotes” (or “likes”) you get, the higher your karma (profile “level”) will be.

Reddit is the right target audience that can greatly expand the KICK community! That’s where the crypto community shares their impressions on coins and projects and it’s only your activity that can help draw their attention to us. Talk about KICK in the popular crypto subreddits (examples below). We need more like-minded people and they exist on Reddit!


Instagram is no different than the rest. Follow, like, comment, and repost our posts in your stories:

KickEX Instagram

Also, tell us about KICK and tag us in your posts and stories via @kickexru — we’ll repost you!

Instagram isn’t crowded with crypto yet, which means it’s ripe for the picking. Bring KICK onto the platform before other token and project communities catch wind of this! Instagram has a completely different audience; most people aren’t familiar with crypto yet. KickEx is the perfect platform to start with. Tell people about KICK, share referral links, and let’s take this to the moon!!


Not everyone seems to know that we also have our own YouTube channel! Subscribe so you don’t miss any cool videos from your favorite community manager Borys. There’s plenty more to come:

Kick Ecosystem Youtube

You know how it is: like, comment, tell your friends! The more active you are, the more people watch our videos, and the more bloggers review KICK. Videos that get a lot of views to the end of the video as well as likes and comments show up in the feeds of those who are interested in similar topics. This allows the community to grow on its own, just because YOU help it happen. Just like with Medium, only a couple of seconds from each of you can make a real miracle happen, and you’ll be surprised at how important your activity and support is!


Check us out on LinkedIn! The more you respond to our posts, the more your friends and colleagues will be joining the ranks of KICK:

Kick Ecosystem LinkedIn

Don’t forget to share your KickRef referral link for registering on the exchange to receive passive income from trading in the form of liquid cryptocurrencies: the more people you bring to KickEX, the more you earn (more on KickRef below)!


Like any cryptocurrency company, Kick Ecosystem is subjected to attacks from haters. Generally, these are unsubstantiated claims of “SCAM!” or confusing comments from users who don’t understand/read the information.

We ask you to comment on attacks from haters on KICK and use facts to prove that we’re the best!

Our advantages:

  • Staking: KICK Holders receive a % of every transaction;
  • Cashback on all transactions at KickEX;
  • KickRef referral program: spread your referral link and earn money (more about KickRef below);
  • Opportunity to buy crypto with Visa and MasterCard on KickEX;
  • Fast development: new coins are regularly listed on the exchange, and new products are developed;
  • Unique 24/7 support from the KICK team.


Memes play a huge role when it comes to crypto: all of you know DOGE, KISHU, SHIB, and crypto memes are also shared by giants like Elon Musk. Humor attracts attention, as these images don’t look like ads. That way, they don’t disgust you but, on the contrary, interest you in the project. By creating your own unique content, you will not only help the project, but also boost your accounts: pages with similar themes quickly gain new subscribers, and each subsequent post of yours will be read by more and more people!

The official KICK logo is available by following this link to Google Drive.

Creations by active KICK community members:

There are special meme generators that will not only save your time, but also show actual templates, for example:

There are also special mobile apps: just enter “meme generator” into the app store search bar and it’ll give you the best options.

Making memes is very easy: choose the right template, enter the text, and you’re done!

You can also animate any image using the Motionleap app. The app already has all the features you need, you just need to click a couple of buttons.

The more memes and creations about KICK go viral, the sooner they will be picked up by popular accounts, and the sooner we will fly to the moon!


CoinMarketCap is the world’s most reliable cryptocurrency data provider. Millions of people view information on CMC every day, so it is very important to support KICK there:

1. Create an account on CoinMarketCap;

2. Add KickToken to your Watchlist. Go to the KICK token page and click on the star next to its name so it turns yellow;

3. Regularly share the link to the KickToken page on CoinMarketCap on all your social networks, encouraging people to add KICK to their Watchlist (by clicking on the star);

4. If you are a webmaster or website owner, place a widget on your resource with up-to-date market information on KICK;

5. Every day, scroll through the KICK page on CMC and there, you’ll see the question, “What do you think of KickToken today?” Press the thumbs up to support KICK in the daily survey!

This will raise the coin in the ranking, which means that more people will learn about KICK, and information about the KickToken will start to spread faster on blogs and other media. Crypto exchanges independently list tokens that deserve a lot of attention. Altogether, everyone benefits, so don’t be lazy — help KICK take off to the moon; these steps are so easy to perform!


Spreading the word about the Kick Ecosystem is the key to success! You’ve already read about how to maintain our social media presence, but your options don’t stop there!

In addition to Twitter, you can share KICK news natively (without spamming or advertising) on any resource. For example, on Reddit and on forums:

  • Reddit: Subreddits where you’ll need to talk about us — offer news, write in the comments (without obvious advertising):

  • Forum where you should speak about KICK (without any obvious advertising): — main crypto forum.

Kick Ecosystem Thread:

Boards where KICK needs to be talked about:


Don’t underestimate our referral program! If no one on KickEX is trading after clicking on your link, don’t even ask when we’ll get to the moon, because we won’t while you’re waiting for others to develop the project. Make money by growing the KICK community!

For those who don’t get it: you’ll get money every time users you’ve invited make a transaction on the KickEX exchange. You’ll also get money from trades of those who you invited to trade on the exchange, and from those who, in turn, came by their invitations, and so on, ten levels down!

Get your own referral link on this page.

1. Share the link. Distribute the link through messengers and social media, post it in forums or create content — anything works!

2. Watch your network grow. All users who register through your link become your referrals, and all users they invite become referrals for the next levels up to level 10.

3. Earn! Get extra KickTokens for 1st level referrals. Earn money on their activity: the KickEX exchange gives you up to 50% of the profit!

The image below represents the tiered referral structure. You are at the top. Right below are your “first-level referrals” — the people you invited personally. Below, you have your “second-level referrals” — people who were invited by your “first-level referrals”. This scheme repeats until the last level, level 10.

What is hype? Hype is when everyone is talking about the same thing, when you hear about it from every corner, when you hear snippets of it in the street, in chat rooms, on social networks, in newspapers. But how is hype created? Hype is you. Hype is created by a community, and often you don’t need money, media coverage, or a massive infusion of advertising to get it started. Hype can be successfully created by a community, a prime example of hype that started in Reddit: Gamestop stock.

We’ve all been waiting together for years for KICK to take notice, for real tothemoon hype to begin — and you can make it happen yourself! If each of you do just a few simple actions every day, it will start a long, powerful trend upward beyond the solar system! Every one of you is important, it’s time to unite and show everyone what you can do!

Getting to the moon is about teamwork! Together, we will achieve our goal much faster! Crypto is no place for laziness. Support KICK right now — no one will do it but you!

We believe in you! A battle is coming! It’s time for KICK to conquer the world!

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