We hope you can all see we are constantly increasing the number of ICO projects on our platform. We are working hard on selecting the good ones and we are developing filters for campaigns to provide our best service and establish a working ecosystem. Granted, there are many challenges we encounter daily, but our team’s commitment to develop an advanced service for backers drives constant change and upgrade to the platform.

The other side of the process is our backers’ ability to use tokens of our and other platforms and projects freely, and now there is Radar Relay to ease the process: it is a new service based on 0x protocol to enable fast search, exchange or acquire different project tokens. Basically, it allows you to directly exchange any kind of ERC20 token freely, without actually using a cryptocurrency exchange.

Looking into the future and considering a growing number of projects running their ICO campaigns it has been a big question for many of us whether we are going to see the world of tomorrow crowded with thousands and, possibly, millions of different tokens for every separate type of industry or business. Just imagine what it would feel like if hiring a cab, paying for your lunch in a cafe and getting a new smartphone you had to use different currencies. Or, even further, for every particular cafe, every given cab service and any phone producer you actually had to use separate, individual brand currencies. To avoid that mess now, we can acquire tokens with ETH, but normally we have to use various exchange platforms, which many people are unfamiliar with and which are quite complex for a beginner.

To make it all easier, thus bringing the day when we will all be able to use crypto in our everyday life, Radar Relay offers a safe user-friendly service for quick token search and exchange. All one needs to use is the MetaMask plug-in enabled and some amount of ZRX tokens to pay fees for using the 0x protocol. Also, for trading ETH one needs to have W-ETH, or “Wrapped” ETH, since 0x is a protocol allowing to swap ERC20 tokens, while ETH itself does not conform to the ERC20 standard.

The reason we are informing you of that is KickCoin has been listed on Radar Relay and is now open for easy and immediate exchange for you, thus bringing our platform within everyone’s reach.

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