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What is the KICK bonus emission and what is it for?

Bonus emission intends to award KICK token holders.

Within two years after the ICO, on the last day of each month at 9:00 GMT (time X), starting from October 2017 and ending September 2019, all the addresses will receive bonus in accordance with the following parameters (the table shows the amount of the total supply of KICK, the bonus amount on a specific address is determined by the balance at the time X):

How to get bonus KICK?

In order to receive bonus KICK, you need to have a KICK balance at the specified time on your address. Make sure that you have full access to the address where KICK is stored, including access to private keys.

How will the bonus emission be carried out?

Bonus emission is calculated automatically for all addresses that have KICK tokens on tbalance at the fixed commit time 9:00 GMT every last day of the month through September 2019.

The determination of the KICK balance at the addresses occurs through a snapshot of the blockchain state according to the KICK token ticker:

When will the first bonus emission occur?

The first bonus emission will take place on October 31, 2017 09:00 GMT, bonus size — 3%.

How long can the emission last?

It will take some time for the Ethereum blockchain to process all transactions. It may take 1–3 days for all bonuses to be sent.

Can I speed up the process of receiving the bonus?

If the user does not want to wait for the general distribution, then after the time X he can independently call execution of the method receiveDividends contract execution, from the address on which KICK is stored

uint256 add = balances [_address] * dividends [currentDividendIndex] .tenThousandth / 1000

dividends [currentDividendIndex] .tenThousandth = 30

Where should KICK be stored to receive the bonus?

To receive the bonus, KICK tokens must be stored on an address to which you have full access, including access to private keys.

Bonuses are credited to all addresses that have KICK balance. Therefore, bonus KICK might be credited to the third-party address, if KICK is on the exchange account, or another centralized service that does not provide access to private keys. Make sure you move your KICK from exchanges to your private address to receive the bonus.

Where can I buy KICK?

KICK is traded on several exchanges

KICK can also be obtained for participating in projects on the platform — a bonus of 4% for backing projects on the platform.

Will I receive a bonus on KICK, purchased on the exchanges?

Yes, you can purchase additional tokens on the exchange to receive a bonus. To get the bonus, make sure that KICK tokens are currently on the address to which you have full access, including access to private keys. Thus, the KICK tokens purchased on the exchange should be withdrawn from the exchange to your address to receive the bonus.

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