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Dear KICK Community! Yay! The hottest contest of 2021 is now closed! KICK went up in flames and brought the most active burners hot prizes!

But it wasn’t without incident: as you may have noticed, we didn’t announce the results of the contest right after it ended. This is due to the fact that a large transaction was sent to the contest 10 minutes before the end, but it didn’t get into the blockchain during the contest. Why did this happen? For security reasons, we don’t keep large amounts in the hot wallet. We made it in time to top up it, but due to problems in the Ethereum chain, namely because of the new commission system, the transaction did not hit the blockchain and the wallet was not replenished. Unfortunately, this fact had an impact on the contest results, making them unfair, as the owner of the wallet who made that transaction took 4th place instead of 1st.

Therefore, we decided to take this transaction into account, as it was made before the end of the contest and the participant who sent it has the full right to participate. Thus, the 1st place is taken by the participant whose transaction was not taken into account. Justice has triumphed! At the same time the participant who took the renewed 4th place will get the same prize as the 3rd place, as such activity should not be left without a reward. We stand for fair and transparent results. Contests on KickEX are created for each of you to have fun and not to question the integrity of their implementation. Thank you for understanding!

So, the final results of KICK Burn Contest are:

1st place, 1,000,000 KICK: (0x1bb…875dd)

2nd place, 750,000 KICK: (0xb91…fce8f)

3rd place, 500,000 KICK: (0x3ca…dac6b)

4th place, 500,000 KICK: (0xdeb…2601e)


Congratulations on winning the battle for life and KICK! All awards will be credited to the winners’ wallets within a week.

Thank you for your participation! See you at the next contests, and now enjoy staking.

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