Very soon KickCoins will be traded on one of the most advanced bitcoin exchange HitBTC.

The most advanced bitcoin exchange HitBTC is planning to trade our KickCoins. The exact date is not announced yet, but this will happen very soon after our ICO ends.

By the way, regarding our ICO. Those who follow us could already mention that it will be closed on September 16, but when some days are still left we can share with you preliminary number of success — we have managed to collect 12 mln USD in ETH equivalent just in two hours. Now, ICO is slowly coming to its end and we raised more than 70 000 ETH. More than 7400 backers from various countries were buying KickCoins. This fact ensures everyone–community from all over the globe votes for the future of blockchain crowdfunding and overwhelms with its speed.

HitBTC will be the pioneer exchange where KickCoins are going to be listed. HitBTC is well known for its convenient interface, user-friendliness and security. Launched in 2014, now this exchange works with many cryptocurrencies. Deposits are accepted in dollars, euros, etc. In total, the site presents more than two dozen of currencies, both digital and fiat. High interest in KICKICO project’s tokens has been proven by the community who already consider KickCoins as a high potential cryptocurrency with universal application. You can read more in details about KickCoins’ use in my article “How KickCoin is backed”:

To share more news, after our ICO end, we are planning to create a special rating with public voting, meaning that only holders of KIckCoins, represented by our community, can choose and vote which campaign or project will participate in fundraising on KICKICO and which not. The date of its announcement will be declared soon.

To conclude all, we can state last weeks were very productive with results and we believe our achievements are only at the beginning.

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