KickEX Mobile App is Available on the App Store

Dear KICK Community! Meet the hottest event of this summer: KICK Crypto Exchange & Wallet mobile app, an app that our team had been working on for an entire year, is now available on the App Store!


KICK Crypto Exchange & Wallet features:

  • All the functionality of the KickEX exchange. You can trade at any time using any of the order types available on KickEX, but with more convenience for mobile users, as KICK Crypto Exchange & Wallet allows for much easier and faster use than the web version;
  • Visually track portfolio dynamics of the tokens and coins you own in graph form;
  • Make deposits via card and withdraw funds quickly and easily;
  • Follow the cryptocurrency market and exchange rates of your favourite tokens or coins without leaving the app and without having to use any third-party sites;
  • Analyze markets. If you want to track the price dynamics of a particular coin, you can do so in just one click. Just go to the “Markets” section and select the “Falling” or “Growing” filter. This will provide you with up-to-date information on asset price movements.


Features that will appear in the near and distant future

Some of these features will appear before the end of the year, and others will appear later. We’re purposefully not giving any timelines or hints as to which of these will appear sooner, so as not to fool anyone’s expectations. That being said, here are some of the features we have in mind for you. These aren’t all of them, of course!

Staking. Soon, the Staking page will be added to the web version of the exchange, and then it will appear in the mobile app. You will be able to select coins with the highest APY directly in the app, and there you will also be able to track what you’ve accrued.

Notifications. Soon you’ll be able to set notifications that will be triggered when an asset reaches a certain level. At that moment, you’ll get a push notification, allowing you to be always ready to buy or sell a tracked asset!

Margin trading. Margin trading is currently a priority in the development of KickEX, and it will appear in the mobile app at about the same time as in the web version of the exchange.

Widgets. You will be able to add and configure widgets on the screens of your devices, selecting the currency pairs you are interested in to see their rates without opening the app itself, similar to how TabTrader displays this.

Cold Wallets. The architecture for adding your own wallets and tokens, ones that aren’t listed on the KickEX exchange, to the mobile app is already in the works. It’s too early to tell whether you’ll be able to import your cold wallets, add token contracts, or simply top up your wallet with arbitrary tokens with them automatically appearing there, but this functionality will definitely be implemented at a later date. This is one of the priorities in the development of our mobile app.

Token sales. As the KickICO platform develops and the number of campaigns grows on it, it will be possible to participate in them straight through the mobile app. This way, KickICO will become a built-in launchpad for the KickEX exchange.

News. KICK Crypto Exchange & Wallet mobile app will have a built-in news aggregator. With its help you will be able to keep up with all the events on the cryptocurrency market, as well as receive the most current information about the KickEX crypto exchange and the KickICO fundraising platform.

Chat. The instant messenger allows you to exchange messages with the support team, as well as between all members of the KickEX community to discuss market events and share your thoughts and experiences with others without leaving the application!

Payment for goods and services. The functionality of KICK Crypto Exchange & Wallet mobile app will allow you to make cryptocurrency payments in one click. But that’s not all. You will also be able to pay for goods in offline stores, thanks to the built-in mechanism of converting cryptocurrency into fiat money, which will appear in the future.

Trading signals. The application will enable you to receive daily trading signals from professional traders to help you make the right decisions.

This new mobile app makes using the KickEX crypto exchange much more convenient and opens the door for those who exclusively use mobile apps. A reliable security system will also protect your assets from cyber-attacks. We’ve also developed two interface options — daytime and nighttime themes. Choose the one you like best!


KICK Crypto Exchange & Wallet application for Android is scheduled to launch in September of this year.

Help KickEX become even more popular

The more people download the application at the start and thereafter, the more high ratings and positive comments the application will receive. This will result in the app displaying higher in search results and more users joining the KickEX exchange. This is what we’re striving for, as the more of you there are, the sooner your favorite KICK token will be in short supply. Buybacks will be closer, and our mutual success will be greater:

  1. Leave a five-star rating on KICK Crypto Exchange & Wallet app in the App Store;
  2. Leave a comment on the app in the App Store;
  3. Share the new app from KickEX and your impressions of it on social media.


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Kick Ecosystem OFFICIAL

Welcome to the official Kick Ecosystem blog. It's great to have you with us, enjoy a good read! Our websites: |

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