KICK Crypto Exchange & Wallet 1.4.0 update

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Hello, KICK community! We are pleased to present you with an update of our KICK Crypto Exchange & Wallet app. Our development team has been working day and night on debugging and optimization. But most importantly, a new Dashboard tab with cool features and functions has been added. Let’s start from here in more detail.

New tab: Dashboard

Everything you need for comfortable trading on the main screen! The Dashboard includes:

1. Wallet balance and real-time view of Bitcoin rates

Download KICK Crypto for iOS

When you open the Dashboard tab, you immediately see information about your wallet at the moment. And below is the beautiful Bitcoin exchange rate chart — a convenient and easy solution to keep track of the main currency of the crypto-world.

2. Favorite/Gainers/Losers

Download KICK Crypto for iOS

For your convenience, we have added a block with favorite, gainers, and losers. Track market movements in one click!

3. Here’s the news!

Download KICK Crypto for iOS

Read Kick Ecosystem’s top news without leaving the app. Yes! We’re integrating a news feed from our news portal on Medium. The latest events and important changes in the crypto world are at your fingertips. Read articles, clap 50 times, and comment to let as many people as possible know about KICK. It’s easier now to participate in our community life!

Try demo app

Download KICK Crypto for iOS

Now you can browse through the app without signing up! Enjoy our demo mode for the customers who can now check how cool is KickEX. We won’t ask you to take a pig in a poke anymore, but we’re sure that you’ll like KickEX.

Don’t waste your time, try all the features of our app in two clicks. Warning: as you press the button, your fingers will drown in the intuitive interface, your eyes will be scattered with possibilities, and your heart will rejoice, feeling the care of the KickEX team.

Share your opinion: what does KICK Crypto lack to be your dream app? Tell us about it in our Telegram chat or leave your feedback in the App Store.

Help KickEX become even more popular

There’s no time for chitchat, it’s time for action! The more people who install the app, the more high ratings and positive reviews on the App Store, the higher the app rises in search, the more new users of KickEX exchange and new KICK holders will appear.

This is what we all strive for, because the more of us there are, the sooner your favorite KICK token deficit will come, the closer the bybacks will be, and the greater our mutual success will be:

  1. Leave a five-star rating on KICK Crypto Exchange & Wallet app in the App Store;
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  3. Share the new app from KickEX and your impressions of it on social media.

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