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4 min readDec 29, 2022

The closer to the end of the outgoing year, the more relevant the jokes that the superpower of our generation is that it survived in 2022. And if we add the fact that for us 2022 passed in the cryptocurrency market, and we are still alive, then probably each of us is a superhero. But humor aside, the Kick Ecosystem has not only survived, but it has also thrived somewhat. What was the past year like for all of us? Let’s summarize it together.

I don’t want to talk about banalities and all the downfalls and negativity — this is already heard every day. Let’s take into account what we’ve been able to do to sustain and build on our achievements and positive changes. So what were we good at?

Support for young fintech projects

The first thing I want to talk about is the launch of a new project to support startups — Sandbox. We at Kick Ecosystem have long taken on the role of supporting young teams. Some time ago we have been in the place of startups, so we know from our own experience how difficult it is for a new project on the market to get listed on a good exchange. In the spring, we announced a free listing for three tokens and continued to support various startups from different fields throughout the year. Therefore, the Sandbox project was launched on KickEX in the summer, it was designed to give impetus to newcomers to the fintech industry and especially to young teams that need a listing. As a result, thanks to the “sandbox”, three start-up fintech projects have gotten a listing.

Moving Kick Ecosystem to a new jurisdiction — for the convenience of ourselves and our clients

Another good thing is that this year Kick Ecosystem had a housewarming party, and now our new home is the British Virgin Islands. Logically, we chose a new location according to the degree of loyalty and adequacy — it would seem, not the most optimistic reason. But this move brought an additional positive in itself — with it, the KickEX exchange opened the doors to new users from the USA, Canada, Iran, and other territories. I am convinced that the crypto world should be open to everyone — this is its nature. Bans on access to cryptocurrencies are contrary to everything for which this industry exists.

Assistance in market regulation

I am convinced that the cryptocurrency market needs high-quality and adequate regulation. Therefore, I decided to help the cause and joined the working group under the State Duma on this issue. It is too early to talk about the results — we’ll see when the laws come into force, but the fact that Russia has moved in this direction like never before is already a fact.

Expanding the list of traded instruments

In 2022, the KickEX exchange continued to expand the range of traded tokens. Thus, at the end of December, there were 58 trading pairs and 9 integrated blockchains on the exchange. It would seem that listings are ordinary events, but I am happy with each new project that appears on our platform. I am sure that this is a signal of development. And I always hope that this will bring a triple synergistic effect — to our partners, our clients, and, of course, to the stock exchange.

Improved applications for traders on KickEX

We are constantly working to ensure the exchange participants’ comfort as much as possible. Back in 2021, we created an app for iOS. At the same time, we launched an Android application for public testing and presented its improved version the last summer. After all, we at KickEX understand how important it is to make the app not just work, but technologically and take into account all the expectations of our users and partners. Now all our technological solutions are fully functional.

Forecast for 2023

A lot has been done in the outgoing year, but we have much more plans for the coming year. We are already actively preparing an investment round, although there are certain difficulties. The situation has become more complicated because of the FTX story (well, apart from the fact that we have one more aggravating circumstance: we are Russians). We plan to attract investments at the beginning of 2023 from private investors, by the way, if you believe in the crypto market and are not afraid of investing in the Russian Federation, then we invite you to take part.

Another of the favorable forecasts: in the first — second quarter of next year, we expect positive news related to the market regulation in the Russian Federation and our place in the regulatory system. We are working closely with the specialized working group of the State Duma to improve legislation on both digital financial assets and cryptocurrencies. And, you know, we succeed!

Of course, this is not all that we have been working on and what we are planning. We balanced our fees, worked with market makers, updated the software, expanded the team, and solved other operational tasks. We plan to launch margin trading and not only. Our main achievement this year is that we work and you stay with us. Thank you for your trust and cooperation. I am sure that if we have passed through 2022, then we are good enough for any new tasks and challenges. Let’s move with Kick Ecosystem to the new year 2023! I do not lose faith in cryptocurrency and blockchain!



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