Kick Ecosystem Gets Russian State Support

Russian blockchain project Kick Ecosystem has been assigned with a status of a resident of the state innovations center. This way, Kick Ecosystem has started its official cooperation with a state entity, the Skolkovo Innovation Center.

The company plans to collaborate with other Skolkovo residents as a fundraising platform and is ready to offer KickID, an OpenID service that includes the KYC solution-processed by the partner of Kick Ecosystem, Sum & Substance company that is also a Skolkovo resident, and the KickRef, the referral program constructor.

Kick Ecosystem offers a choice of 12 fintech services for the B2C and B2B markets that solves the problem of security, transparency and accessibility of financial instruments for clients and businesses around the world within a legal framework using seamless integration and the synergy of blockchain services.

“The resident status from Skolkovo Innovations Center is crucial for our participation in the strategic development of the whole crypto and fintech industry. Today cryptocurrency startups in Russia deal with a great amount of scepticism from the general public while the Skolkovo Foundation provides grounds for the development of disruptive technologies. Their independent experts carefully select and analyze projects that have technological and economic potential. It took more than five attempts and more than six months to get the official residence status, but in the end, we have proven that our rigorous real-world business model certainly deserves a place in Skolkovo, the top technology hub of Russia, ” — comments Anti Danilevski, founder of Kick Ecosystem.

Skolkovo is called the “Russian Silicon Valley”. It is the largest scientific and technological innovation complex in Russia operating under the auspices of the Russian government that deals with the development and commercialization of new technologies. To become a resident, a company needs to complete several serious checks. Skolkovo is connected with the largest world research institutions, universities and international corporations so only promising projects in various fields, including fintech, are assigned with the resident status.

Kick Ecosystem plans to cooperate with other projects as a fundraising platform and is also ready to offer them identity verification services and a referral program.

KickID is an entry point for the Kick Ecosystem and all the partner services that have installed it. KickID enables seamless experience within the ecosystem — with no need to complete KYC more than once or register at any other interface. Login is performed with one click just as login buttons at Google or Facebook. For that reason, KickID is valuable for purchases or any other services that require verification. Integration with KickID provides an opportunity to launch other Kick Ecosystem-prototyped services on your website, such as KickRef referral program to attract the new users to your business.

KickRef is a multi-level referral program constructor where third-party entities could create their own referral programs to be integrated into their own products using few simple steps. As a SaaS solution from Kick Ecosystem, KickRef which empowers any business to use this multi-level marketing to recruit a new audience. With the right parameters and award system, KickRef could attract an audience of tens or even hundreds of thousands clients from all over the world. The service is localised for all most important languages of the world, a bit later the number of localizations will grow up to 20 which will allow to attract clients from virtually any point on the planet.

About Kick Ecosystem

Kick Ecosystem created by the KickICO team is an umbrella Ecosystem of innovation products both classical and blockchain-based, designed for startups, investors and the crypto community.

Its network of 20,000 system’s token holders, 350 projects that have been analysed and evaluated, 35 accelerated startups funded by the platform and over 70,000-strong community worldwide became the foundation of a unique fintech solution. Last month, the audience has added another 50,000 users in anticipation of launch of new products. Kick Ecosystem is comprised of KickRef referral program, KYC solution KickID, crypto-asset exchange KickEX, fundraising KickICO platform, a cryptocurrency payment gateway KickPay, a standalone cryptocurrency wallet KickWallet, a white label solution KickDesk, marketing tools KickCPA, mobile app KickMobile, AIO (Auction-based Initial Offering) and STO (Security Token Offering) Launchpad.

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Welcome to the official Kick Ecosystem blog. It's great to have you with us, enjoy a good read! Our websites: |

Welcome to the official Kick Ecosystem blog. It's great to have you with us, enjoy a good read! Our websites: |