Kick Ecosystem presented KickRef as a B2B solution in Amsterdam

The epidemic and market panic cannot halt Kick Ecosystem development

On March 4, Alexander Gnatusin, COO of Kick Ecosystem, along with other team members has presented KickRef referral program as a complex B2B solution and other сomponets of Kick Ecosystem (KickEX, KickWallet, KickID, KickAcademy) at a conference meetup called The Exchanges in historical De Bazel venue in Amsterdam.

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The event dedicated to the exchanges in the crypto space took place in Amsterdam on Thursday the 4th of March. The COO of Kick Ecosystem did a standup presentation on the project as well as participated in the trading panel with top industry professionals and crypto leaders. In total, more than 200 people from 13 countries took part in the conference, where they have shared thoughts, ideas and collaborated for some new startups in the crypto and blockchain industry.

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During the event, Alexander and the team talked to the other fintech businesses and successfully presented Kick Ecosystem project to potential B2B clients from all over the globe. The project has provoked quite an interest and received a highly positive overall assessment. The speakers shared valuable knowledge about the exchanges, trading, and regulations on the market.

If you wish to talk more about the B2B of KickRef for your business, please reach out to Boost your audience now!

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