KICK ECOSYSTEM Recap — Issue 10

Wow! Time flies, and we have come to our first 10th ‘anniversary’ Issue of Development Diaries! It has been a bit of a daze last few weeks with important announcements such as the Token Swap Campaign and the soon release of KICKEX exchange. Set back for 10 minutes and enjoy the progress by KICK ECOSYSTEM.

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KICKEX — a robust, centralized exchange, which sums up all the expertise that we’ve gained over the years from building and running KICKICO as well as a range of innovations in KICK ECOSYSTEM to create a next-generation exchange.

‣ #UI Deposit and withdrawal of funds from an exchange is complete;
‣ #UI Implemented the possibility of working with new trading pairs, as well as reload the trading terminal after choosing a different pair to trade;
‣ #UI Implemented the balance display of all funds and currencies in the wallet at the trading terminal and on the separate tab;
‣ #UI The user profile and its display in the drop-down menu;
‣ #UI Implemented the logic of changing the status for open stop-orders and trailing stops;
‣ #QA Making necessary adjustments after the QA session.

‣ #CORE Continued working on the recovery mechanism of the accounting subsystem for asynchronous replication, which will allow to continue trading and recover all account data from the matcher in case of connection loss;
‣ #CORE Continued working on implemented new types of data for storing and processing Big Numbers. Such implementation will allow decreasing the productivity overhead by lowering the cost of serializing data;
‣ #UI Continued to work on the visual display of trailing orders on the trading chart.

‣ #CORE Developing the mechanism for the backup of funds while setting up a stop-order, thanks to this solution technical overdraft will be avoided;
‣ #UI Implementing the interface for trailing stop set-up;
‣ #R&D Conducting research on depositing fiat onto the exchange platform.

KICKICO frontend

‣ #ADMIN Edit Functionality for user information;
‣ #UI Displaying in the user profile his launched campaigns, reviews and comments to other campaigns;
‣ #UI Displaying all user comments on the campaign page.

‣ #UI Displaying all notifications in the UI, the user will be able to configure what notification he or she wants to receive, for example only the important ones such as funds deposit to the wallet or funds allocated to his/her campaign from other users and others;
‣ #UI The mechanics of automatically resize the uploaded images to fit on different displays and interfaces;
‣ #ADMIN The admin is able to manage and moderate all user comments.

KICKICO backend

‣ #CORE Changes of campaign status between different transitions. The campaign status changes when it enters the moderation and when it is banned.
‣ #ADMIN Optimization work in the section of content moderation;
‣ #CORE The mechanism of automatic and manual add-on of campaigns, and their display in the UI;
‣ #CORE Average rating model of comments and reviews is based on the maths formula about the lower bound of Wilson score confidence interval for a Bernoulli parameter;
‣ #CORE New possibility to like, dislike comments and reviews is implemented.
‣ #ADMIN Completed work on the mechanism of moderating reviews/comments, as well as implemented the possibility of deleting comments and cancel this action;
‣ #ADMIN Created a model for moderator and admin rights to edit any user and campaign information from A to Z.

‣ #CORE Leave comments, likes and dislikes on updates;
‣ #CORE Certain restrictions on editing campaign components depending on its status;
‣ #CORE Automatic campaign launch and its completion upon reaching the cap and the end dates;
‣ #ADMIN Review deletion and recovery by a moderator;
‣ #ADMIN Configuring which notifications to receive in user settings.

Congrats on getting this far, you are a star. Keep going…


KICKWALLET is a standalone cryptocurrency wallet that supports every currency in the KICK ECOSYSTEM and seamlessly integrates with every KICK service. We anticipate that many people will use KICKWALLET as their preferred cryptocurrency wallet, even if they are not a part of KICK ECOSYSTEM.

‣ #CORE. Added LTC support

‣ #CORE. Continue working on implementing support for ETC;
‣ #CORE. Implemented the opportunity to work with TRON currency;

‣ #QA. Conducted QA testing on deposit and withdrawal


Every member in the KICK ecosystem can create their personalized referral links to different parts of the network. If someone clicks a referral link, joins the KICK ecosystem, and then makes a transaction, the link creator earns a referral commission.

‣ #UI Completed the layout of the user’s dashboard of the referral program;
‣ #QA Regression QA tests were performed prior to the operational work;
‣ #API Made edits to the methods that obtain information from a specific page of a referral program in the user profile in a new design.

‣ #RND Setting up the development of a referral Telegram bot;
‣ #DevOps Preparing for launch into production operation.

‣ #UI Making necessary adjustments and edits to any found defects after a QA session;
‣ #QA Carrying out load testing before starting.


KICKNOTIFY is a service responsible for informing the users about what events or user actions have occurred on the platform services.

‣ #API The basic functionality of the API gateway for UI integration and sending notifications to users has been completed;

‣ #API Integration with other platform services to generate notifications to users;


KICKID will make utilising our products simple and easy for all of our users. As soon as your log in to one platform in the network, you automatically login to all platforms for a seamless experience. For maximum usability and reach, KICKID will support email login, Facebook login, and Gmail login.

‣ #API User search by user name;
‣ #API The mechanism for searching banned, blocked and deleted users.

‣ #CORE The possibility to change user email;
‣ #PROD Preparing the service for the start of operating KICKREF.


‣ #BC Launched services for LiteCoin nodes;
‣ #BC Launched services for TRON nodes;
‣ #AUTOMATIZATION The team continues the implementation of Helm, and the possibility to deploy a separate environment for new features, as well as enable horizontal autoscaling of services;
#AUTOMATIZATION Configured the automatic backup of source code repositories;
‣ #AUTOMATIZATION Implemented the web-based image resizing service.

‣ #PROD Preparing to put in operation the following services: KICKID, KICKNOTIFY,

‣ #HARDWARE Automation of connection between the cloud hosting and our own data center;
‣ #QA Implementation of unit and integration tests in KICKEX pipelines;
‣ #BC Launching the infrastructure for BCH nodes.

Well done for scrolling this far. That’s a wrap for this week. Have a good one!

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