KICK ECOSYSTEM Recap — Issue 11

Hello folks,

In today’s dev diary, we’ll be covering the progress of every KICK ECOSYSTEM component. As a small teaser: KICK Development Team is marching promptly to the timeline, as we anticipate to launch the first service namely KICKREF on the September 2 already, so you guys can start making money!

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KICKEX — a robust, centralized exchange, encompassing all the expertise that we’ve gained over the years from building and running KICKICO as well as a range of innovations in KICK ECOSYSTEM to create a next-generation exchange.

#CORE Stabilized applied service functionality
#TESTING Completed work on the bot, that creates a trading activity for testing
#CORE Developed our own connection that cannot be blocked for adjusting the transport logic of the service and for increasing fault tolerance
#UI Redesigned the main landing page from scratch
#UI implemented trailing stop orders. They can now be created by users and displayed
#UI Minor works performed (smashing bugs) after testing results

#CORE switching all exchange services to a new connector
#CORE implementing the logic of service crash recovery
#CORE completing work on the accounting for the support of other OTC operations within the framework of KICK ecosystem (token sales, payments for adding a campaign to the platform, etc.)
#UI Connecting to the API to receive registered user data
#UI Connection to the API for transferring data when setting a trailing stop order
#UI Bug fixes based on testing

KICKICO frontend

#UI Implemented automatic image resizing functionality
#API optimized the number of requests between the frontend and backend
#UI Implemented functionality that allows users to like reviews and comments
#UI Implemented the display of pop-up notifications
#UI Implemented the layout of the UPDATES section on the campaign page
#ADMIN implemented the feature for a moderator to filter by reviews and comments

#ADMIN Connect to API for working with users reviews and comments (admins only)
#UI A new update to adjust campaign start/end date
#UI A possibility to preview the created campaign
# API Connect to API to enable campaign authors to upload files and make updates to the campaign description via the new updates tab
#API Connect to API to send emails to users when their email is confirmed.
#ADMIN Implementing the admin panel for users to ban/unban other users and filter them

KICKICO backend

#CORE Added additional validation to various incorrect values ​​entered by the user
#CORE Implemented the UPDATES section where users can now monitor all fresh campaigns related news
#CORE Added the mechanism for leaving comments to the campaign news
#CORE Users can now like/dislikes and leave their comments to campaign updates
#CORE Implemented the restricting editing mechanism that depends on campaign status
#CORE Automatic start/end of campaign fundraising depending on its initially indicated start /end dates
#CORE Asynchronous calculation of the reviews/updates/comments ratings based on the Wilson and Bernoulli method
#CORE Implemented additional restrictions on the ability to comment depending on whether the user passed KYC, confirmed his email.
#ADMIN Added filters by user roles in the search section
#CORE Implemented the method of re-sending the email after registration
#CORECompleted the integration with KICK NOTIFY. It is now possible to view and manage user notifications.

#CORE. Implementation of additional conditions that the user needs to meet before sending a campaign for moderation
#CORE. Send all notifications via KICK NOTIFY
#CORE. Implement files uploading in the campaign UPDATES section


KICKWALLET is a standalone cryptocurrency wallet that supports every currency in the KICK ECOSYSTEM and seamlessly integrates with every KICK service. We anticipate that many people will use KICKWALLET as their preferred cryptocurrency wallet, even if they are not a part of KICK ECOSYSTEM.

#CORE. KICK WALLET now supports all operations with TRON.
#CORE It also supports all operations with LTC.

#CORE Implementing support to work with BCH

#QA QA testing for deposit and withdrawal of BCH
#CORE Implementing support to work with TON


#CORE Completed work on the database, added tables for storing a new type of bonuses, added necessary fields for storing user ratings in the system
#CORE Displaying all referrals by levels
#CORE Developed the logic of adding and calculating all users earnings
#UI Added the methods for displaying the current user earning status in the table and the overall ladder with steps where the payments will be made
#CORE Processing and recalculation of valid user earnings
#UI Completed the layout of the personal user dashboard
#QA Performed the regression QA tests before the launch
#API Edited the methods for obtaining information for a specific page in the user dashboard

#API Implementing the methods for obtaining and recalculating user rank and its display
#CORE Revision of the logic for information output to event blocks based on the description of the referral program

#API Revision of methods for obtaining user information in the admin panel
#ADMIN Created a page for editing new bonus accrual by levels
#CORE Enabled restricted access to the admin panel
#CORE Finalizing the footer of the Personal user dashboard
#QA Bug fixes based on test results


‣ #API Completed work on the basic functionality of the API gateway for integration with the UI and users notifications

‣ #API Integration with other platform services to generate users notifications


KICKID will make utilising our products simple and easy for all our users. As soon as your log in to one platform in the network, you automatically login to all platforms for a seamless experience. For maximum usability and reach, KICKID will support email login, Facebook login, and Gmail login.

‣ #CORE Performed testing and bug hunting
‣ #CORE Ability to change user email
‣ #CORE Formed user authorization history on different platforms
‣ #CORE Formed a list of online sessions by platforms

‣ #CORE It is planned to implement the ability to delete online sessions by groups
‣ #CORE Move all user data from the old KICKICO platform to KICKID


‣ #PROD KICKNOTIFY and KICKID services are ready to be launched
‣ #BC Nodes for BCH have been launched
‣ #AUTOMATIZATION Improved readability of messages in case of any minor defaults or their incorrect operation
#AUTOMATIZATION Formed a diagram of KICKEX network architecture

‣ #PROD Performed optimization and output tests for KICKREF and the database
‣ #PROD Added authorization opportunity through social media

‣ #HARDWARE Automation of connectivity between AWS regions
‣ #AUTOMATIZATION Accelerating the layout of new KICKEX service functionality on test stands
‣ #BC Launch of BCH testnet

That is it for today. It is definitely one of our longest reads but it is so worth it! Gather your friends and get ready for KICKREF launch next week to kick start your passive income!

See you

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