KICK ECOSYSTEM Recap — Issue 12

Good afternoon. Relentless march of time shows no sign of slowing down and we are closer and closer to the bleak yellow embrace of autumn, but we can at least take solace in the fact that Thursday has rolled around once again! So we can indulge in another Dev Diary for Kick Ecosystem. It’s been a while, and we have a lot to share.

Before we dive deep into the technical details of Kick Ecosystem components, we want to highlight an extremely important achievement that came to life last week! KickRef and KickID, a multi-level referral program, and an all-in-one authenticator service, are open for public beta testing! In just a week testing operation, KickRef has accumulated over 40,000 users!

KickRef referral program is a type of multi-level marketing that allows you to get solid benefits from the activity of the individuals you invite. Everyone is eligible for taking home $3,000 in Kick Tokens. These people can be your friends, family members or even strangers that just used your referral link. You will benefit not only from those who you’ve invited directly but also from the further chain of reference. Up to 50% of the KickEx revenue goes into the KickRef program so that the wealth be shared between the eligible users.


KickEX is a robust, centralized exchange, encompassing all the expertise that we’ve gained over the years from building and running KickICO as well as wide range of innovations in Kick Ecosystem to create a next-generation exchange.

‣ #CORE A PostgreSQL database has been prepared for storing the cold data — all archived information which is not related to current active trading will be stored there;
‣ #CORE We prepared all the necessary methods to ensure correct online data migration from the hot data (current active trading) to cold data (archive of all trade data);
‣ #CORE Modified the payment scheme;
‣ #CORE The transport logic has been simplified in the matcher and within stop orders service. In particular, removed the operational performance limits between the two services.

‣ #CORE Functionality for collecting and transmitting business metrics and performance metrics is being implemented to a monitoring service;
‣ #CORE Service for data migration into cold storage is being developed;
‣ #CORE Possibility to authorize out of a session and with a different profile is being developed for automated trading
‣ #UI The data entry fields when setting an order are fixed.

KickICO frontend

‣ #UI Functionality for cleaning user session groups is redesigned;
‣ #API Notifications for various service updates are set up;
‣ #ADMIN Connect API so that platform administrators can monitor and work with user reviews and comments;
‣ #UI Layout for displaying data in user wallets is updated;
‣ #UI Layout for purchasing cryptocurrencies for FIAT through other services is implemented;
‣ #UI Static description pages for documents are implemented.

‣ #UI Layout of the TokenSale page section implementation;
‣ #UI Errors correcting and bug fixing after testing.

KickICO backend

‣ #CORE Ability to change user email in its personal dashboard is implemented;
‣ #CORE New guidelines according to which a campaign can be sent for moderation are implemented;
‣ #CORE File upload in campaign updates is implemented;
‣ #CORE The mechanism for obtaining sessions from KickAuth, KickRef and KickICO services is improved. Group sessions have been added to it;
‣ #CORE The logout mechanism allowing to clear group sessions is implemented;
‣ #CORE The error localization mechanism for frontend developers is implemented within KickAuth and KickICO that produces the error text with placeholders and parameters separately.
‣ #CORE The ability to view, add and delete media publications of the campaign is implemented;
‣ #CORE The ability to view, add and delete campaign conferences, as well as to download the conference cover, is implemented
‣ #CORE Work on the core of the built-in messenger within the platform is started.

‣ #CORE We are finalizing the campaign legal documents section according to the updated design;
‣ #CORE We plan to implement a new mechanism for rating the review of the campaign;
‣ #CORE We plan to implement the mechanism for calculating the rank of the campaigns.


KickWallet is a standalone cryptocurrency wallet that supports every currency in the Kick Ecosystem and seamlessly integrates these currencies with every Kick service. We anticipate that many people will use KickWallet as their preferred cryptocurrency wallet, even if they are not a part of Kick Ecosystem.

‣ #CORE Operations with BCH are implemented.

‣ #CORE Operations with DASH are being implemented.

‣ #QA QA testing for deposit/withdrawal of BCH.


KickRef referral program is a type of multi-level marketing that allows you to get solid benefits from the activity of the individuals you invite.

‣ #CORE Methods for obtaining and calculating the user rank, as well as methods for displaying it, are implemented;
‣ #CORE Improved methods for receiving user information on admin request;
‣ #CORE Restriction function to access the admin panel is implemented;
‣ #CORE Functionality to display a statistics graph of user registration for a specified period is added;
‣ #CORE Referral system links sharing to social networks is implemented;
‣ #CORE Conversion of earned tokens to USD is implemented;
‣ #UI User dashboard and the main page are translated to multiple languages;
‣ #UI. Layout of user dashboard and the main page is updated;
‣ #QA QA regression tests prior to main operational work are completed;
‣ #CORE Logic of bonus crediting for new user invitations is changed;
‣ #CORE Work on the improvement of the logout of several sessions is continued;
‣ #UI Added the graph to display the user registrations by days.

‣ #CORE Logic of user rating to display the best referrals of the KickRef service;
‣ #Support All-round support of KickRef operation


KICKNOTIFY is a service responsible for informing the users about what events or user actions have occurred on the platform services.

‣ #API Full integration with other platform services for creating user notifications is completed.

‣ #API Testing and bug fixing.


KickID will make using our products simple and easy for all our users. As soon as your log in to one platform in the network, you automatically login to all platforms for a seamless experience. For maximum usability and reach, KickID will support email login, Facebook login, and Gmail login.

‣ #CORE Testing and bug fixing;
‣ #CORE KickICO registered user data migrated to KickID

‣ #CORE Re-integrating the service with the KYC provider based on an OAuth 2.0 interaction protocol


‣ #PROD Prepared the infrastructure to launch a referral program;
‣ #Infra mirror — — is set up for our users in China;
‣ #CI/CD Pre-pod stand for closed alpha-testing is prepared.

‣ #KickREF Further testing of KickREF infrastructure;
‣ #Infra Backup system Improvement and automation.

‣ #Infra Preparing for beta testing of the KickEX exchange (setting up a network between the cloud and iron servers) as well as configuring servers and network equipment;
‣ #CI/CD Improving the process of auto testing for a number of microservices;
‣ #Infra Preparing the infrastructure for the analytical workload.

Well, this is a wrap-up for today. Those champing at the bit to see us moving forward with Kick Ecosystem, take note that that the long period of tech development for KickRef and KickID is about to be over, and we are proud of it. As ever, questions and comments are welcome in this thread.

Sincerely yours,
Kick Ecosystem Team

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