Kick Ecosystem Recap — Issue 13

Kick Ecosystem presents you a much anticipated Dev Diary #13 We will cover the developments over the last month, as well as highlight some achievements by the team

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We are happy to inform you that over 260,000 members registered in KickRef, which we consider a huge success and it is not the limit. Are you still hesitating to actively build your referral network? Don’t forget that a headstart will bring more rewards to your pocket when KickEX launches, and it is coming soon…


KickEX is a robust, centralized exchange, encompassing all the expertise that we’ve gained over the years from preparing and running KickICO as well as a range of innovations in Kick Ecosystem to create a next-generation exchange.

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KickEX trading terminal

Implemented features:

‣ #CORE Authentication and authorization outside the browser session;
‣ #CORE Application metrics to monitor the health of services is implemented;
A service allowing to transfer data to cold storage (archival) data and the repository itself is made compatible with the gateway;
Switched to a new test framework and reworking tests;
The ability to work with new Trailing Stop and Double Stop types of orders is added;
‣ #FRONTEND The chart displaying the market depth is implemented;
‣ #FRONTEND Charts displaying currency exchange rate changes in the last 24 hours are implemented;

Features in progress:

‣ #CORE Deployment of all new changes (including cold data storage) to alpha testing;
‣ #CORE Support for multiple API gateways;
‣ #CORE Accounting monitoring metrics are being added;
‣ #CORE Protocols for recovery after a failure improvement;
‣ #CORE Custom error messages localization;
‣ #FRONTEND Implementation of displaying input and output transactions in the FUNDS tab;
‣ #FRONTEND Implementation of a dark theme for KickEX interface;
‣ #FRONTEND Performance improvement for trading terminal charts;

KickICO Frontend

Implemented features:

‣ #API API for file upload to server is updated;
‣ #FRONTEND WebSDK from KYC system partners integration;

Upcoming features

‣ #FRONTEND User profile revision;

KickICO backend

Implemented features:

‣ #BACKEND KickID is integrated through a separate shared library, other services of the system unified with KickID;
‣ #BACKEND New rules to restore moderator review are created;
‣ #BACKEND Loading and deleting campaign event covers are added;
‣ #BACKEND Model for storing meta information on uploaded files is created;
‣ #BACKEND Information about users whose comments were answered is added to the comment method;
‣ #BACKEND The mechanism of leaving feedback on the campaign is reworked;
‣ #BACKEND New section for downloading campaign documentation is added;

Upcoming features:

‣ #BACKEND Modification of user profile


KickMessenger is a service operating on the platform, allowing all members to communicate with each other. The initial launch of messenger will enable users of KickRef referral program to send direct messages to their first level referrals.

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Implemented features:

‣ #BACKEND Simplified authentication;
‣ #BACKEND Group chat creation;
‣ #BACKEND Messages sending in group chat;
‣ #BACKEND Ability to view messages in the chat;
‣ #BACKEND Ability to quit the chat;
‣ #BACKEND Ability to get a list of recent chats;

Upcoming features:

‣ #BACKEND Implementation of communication history between users in the service;
‣ #BACKEND Implementation of interaction with unread messages;
‣ #BACKEND Implementation of interaction with the user’s list of chats;
‣ #FRONTEND Revision of messenger layout;
‣ #BACKEND Implementation of a frontend communication protocol;


KickWallet is a standalone cryptocurrency wallet that supports every currency in the Kick Ecosystem and seamlessly integrates with every Kick service.

Implemented features:

‣ #BACKEND Service for sending frozen KickTokens is implemented

Upcoming features:

‣ #FRONTEND Implementation of displaying frozen and not frozen KickTokens in the service;
‣ #BACKEND Implementation of service to retrieve data from Ethereum about frozen and not frozen KickTokens;
‣ #API Obtaining data about frozen and not frozen KickTokens from service;


KickRef is a referral program, which is a type of multi-level marketing, allowing any member of Kick Ecosystem to create a referral link and to establish own network. That is a ready tool to start earning from the beneficial program of KickEX exchange and make an additional passive income.

Implemented features:

‣ #BACKEND A list of invited referrals of the 1st level with the ability to write them a message is implemented;
‣ #BACKEND The logic of charging entrance bonuses on Black Friday is been Improved;
‣ #Landing page and referral cabinet are translated into 16 languages;
‣ #BACKEND Data caching to optimize the work counters for users registered in the system and the total accrued bonuses in KickToken is implemented;
‣ #FRONTEND Layout of the referral user’s Cabinet is updated;
‣ #BACKEND Errors of layout and logic of the referral Cabinet are fixed;
‣ #DESIGN The design of the referrals rating block is finished. This block will show the rating of all referrals in the system.

Upcoming features:

‣ #BACKEND Logic rework for sending emails from the system to users;
‣ Separation of front-end and back-end repositories to optimize the work on referral Cabinet for the ability to upgrade the system in SaaS solution;
‣ #BACKEND Referral rating;
‣ #BACKEND Graph of user registration progress in the referral system displayed on the referral system landing page;
‣ #BACKEND Initiation of communication with level 1 referrals using the KickMessenger service.


KICKNOTIFY is a service responsible for informing the users about what events or user actions have occurred on the platform services.

Implemented features:

‣ #API Trigger mailing service is implemented;
‣ #BACKEND Testing and bug fixing;

Upcoming features:

‣ #BACKEND Implementation of interaction with KickMessenger service to send notifications to users about messages;
‣ #QA Testing and bug fixing.


KickID will make using our products simple and easy for all our users. As soon as your log in to one platform in the network, you automatically log in to all platforms for a seamless experience. For maximum usability and reach, KickID will support email login, Facebook login, and Gmail login.

Implemented features:

‣ #CORE. The ability to change e-mail address by the user before confirmation;
‣ #CORE. Integration with the KYC service to the new OAuth 2.0 communication protocol is reworked;
‣ #FRONTEND “White screen” issues when switching to KickRef service are fixed;
‣ #FRONTEND Support for IE11 is added;
‣ #CORE Sending registered user data to GA is implemented.

Upcoming features:

‣ #CORE. Testing and bug fixing.


Implemented features:

‣ #KickMessenger Infrastructure for service development\testing is prepared;
‣ #KickEX Alpha Launch of alpha testing infrastructure for KickEX exchange, access organization;
‣ #Monitoring Application and database monitoring are extended. Stabilization and improvement of the failure tracking system;
‣ #Infra Multiple reworkings of existing CI/CD mechanics.

Features in progress:

‣ #KickEX A series of measures to stabilize the continuous delivery process. Cold storage initialization and storage integration with exchange subsystems;
‣ #Infra Network and server infrastructure configuration to run the exchange. Basic server hardware performance parameters monitoring;
‣ #Blockchain Ether node update due to major update on December 7;
‣ #CI/CD Study of a major update of Helm 3 package manager, migration plan preparation.

Upcoming features:

‣ #Infra Transfer of KickICO subsystems into up-to-date infrastructure to improve fault tolerance and facilitate support;
Stand preparation for KickEX beta testing;

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