Kick Ecosystem Recap — Issue 15

Welcome to the new issue of Development Diaries. Get ready to embark on a tech journey with the Kick Ecosystem team!

Reading Dev Diaries does not have to be a chore, so we have decided to change that. Ta-da! Welcome to the new issue of Development Diaries. Today, we kick off with a fairly simple, easy-to-read section for those that get bored by our previous issues (code, bullet points, deeptech things, all this stuff) followed by a nerd section with more technical details. Get ready to embark on a tech journey with the Kick Ecosystem team!

Last week, the demo-day took place at the company headquarters. The day when all teams come together and show their latest achievements. New implemented functionalities, features, services and tools for automating products development were demonstrated last week from the Dev side. Please go ahead and read the new issue. (Spoiler — we included gifs).


KickWallet Frozen Explorer
The team has everything in place for launching a new frozen KickTokens “explorer”. We see that most of the wallets in the crypto space are unable to distinguish nor identify the new frozen tokens, so we have to do that ourselves. The service is part of our KickWallet, where users can check their ERC balances for frozen tokens and ordinary tokens. The official release is happening in a few days.

KickWallet Explorer

KickWallet Mosaic storage
The first version of the secure cryptocurrency storage system for our users has been prepared. Cryptocurrency asset management is carried out using a cascading encryption algorithm. The main feature of this technology is that private keys used on the wallet are never sent to the servers, which eliminates the ability to gain access to assets if the platform is hacked.

KickEX. Dashboard
The first version of the interactive dashboard has been implemented on the KickEX exchange. Now you can track the important metrics, such as asset portfolio changes, account status, favourite currency pairs, recent transactions, open orders — all of that on one screen.

KickEX interactive dashboard

KickEX. The system recovery and the upgrade
Several improvements have been made to the core of KickEX exchange as well as the updates to its subsystems. From now on, the exchange can be updated without interrupting trading.

KickEX. Further updates and the new testing phase
All requests and comments from a group of closed beta testers have been processed. All is updated and ready for the second stage of the beta-test. The team continues to test the system and expand our reach. Previously, in order to access the system, you had to have a special invitation, as well as have passed the KYC. KYC is currently disabled, the beta version of the exchange is open to the public.

KickMessenger. Chat with your referrals
Kick Team has recently brought to life the internal ecosystem messenger. The messenger will first be applied within KickRef referral program. The following features are to be made available: private messages, group communication, notifications of new messages in all ecosystem services.

KickRef. Leagues and Rating System
A rating system has been implemented in the referral program. Users of the referral program can take part in the competition for reaching a higher rank and win prizes. The more active your referrals are at each level, the higher is your rating.

KickRef. Search Engine Optimization
We performed a number of activities to increase the referral program rating in various search engines.

QA Automatization
The team had developed and implemented the new system quality control tools. The main efforts are currently directed at testing the flagship product of the Ecosystem — KickEX cryptocurrency exchange. Every day, a vast amount of various tests that are critical for all business processes of the product are carried out: registration and authorization, placing orders, executing orders, depositing and withdrawing funds and so on.

The system quality control center

Information security
The company has established the automation of infrastructure vulnerability control. The search system within the operating system has been launched. Static code analysis has been established — the type of software that checks the code for vulnerabilities and errors. Any component that does not pass the test is not allowed into the operations environment.

This is exactly what Kick Ecosystem developers do. Crafting services from scratch without any pre-made code. Here we have come to an end of the ready section, however, if you want to delve deeper into the code, the following section is just for you. Enjoy!


KickEX is a robust, centralized exchange, encompassing all the expertise that we’ve gained over the years from preparing and running KickICO as well as a range of innovations in Kick Ecosystem to create a next-generation exchange.

Implemented features:

‣ #RELEASE a new version for open beta testing released;
‣ #CORE implemented support and delivery of the “history of changes in assets” in the UI of the client;
‣ #CORE the database connector was improved in the data matching service and data transfer gateway, as a result of which the transmitted data format is optimized;
‣ #CORE system recovery protocol is stabilized even if components fall in any combination;
‣ #CORE hot core update improved;
‣ #FRONTEND the functionality for work with your favourite currency pair implemented;
‣ #FRONTEND bugs found as a result of testing fixed.

In progress:

‣ #CORE the ability to edit orders refined;
‣ #CORE the cold data warehouse refined;
‣ #CORE system recovery revised according to revised technical documentation;
‣ #FRONTEND interface performance improved;
‣ #FRONTEND dashboard implementation of authorized and unauthorized users;
‣ #FRONTEND testing and fixing bugs.


KickMessenger is a service operating on the platform, allowing all members to communicate with each other.

Implemented features:

‣ #BACKEND messages history refinement, which allows you to view messages for periods when the user was not in the group chat;
‣ #BACKEND abandoned chats are displayed in the list of “recent chats”;
‣ #BACKEND counters of unread messages in chats are updated when a new message is received;
‣ #BACKEND the sorting of “recent chats” when a new message arrives changing ;
‣ #BACKEND integration with KickNotify, sending notifications of unread messages;
‣ #BACKEND integration with KickRef, creating a chat with a referral/referrer, information in the list of chats/messages about the presence of a referral connection with the person in contact;
‣ #FRONTEND display of referral connection with the person in contact in the chat list;
‣ #FRONTEND integration with KickNotify to receive notifications of new messages for private and group chats;
‣ #BACKEND implementation of technical messages on entering/leaving/creating a chat;
‣ #BACKEND revision of the counter of unread messages to mark the created message as read by the user;

Upcoming features:

‣ #BACKEND session invalidation mechanism;
‣ #FRONTEND interface completion;
‣ #BACKEND implementation of the horizontal scaling mechanism;
‣ #FRONTEND implementation of displaying user activity status in chat;
‣ #FRONTEND implementation of technical chat messages;
‣ #FRONTEND updating chat messages when a user reconnects.


KickWallet is a standalone cryptocurrency wallet that supports every currency in the Kick Ecosystem and seamlessly integrates with every Kick service.

Implemented features:

‣ #BACKEND receiving information about frozen and non-frozen KickToken from the Ethereum network;
‣ #BACKEND storage of client funds using the MosaicWallet vacuum storage system;
‣ #BACKEND MultiSig functionality for withdrawing funds developed.

Upcoming features:

‣ #FRONTEND display information on frozen and unfrozen KickToken;
‣ #CORE integration of secure storage services with the current architecture.


KickRef is a referral program, which is a type of multi-level marketing, allowing any member of Kick Ecosystem to create a referral link and to establish own network. That is a ready tool to start earning from the beneficial program of KickEX exchange and make an additional passive income.

Implemented features:

‣ #BACKEND referral users rating block;
‣ #BACKEND initiating communication with level 1 referrals using the KickMessenger service is now available;
‣ #FRONTEND Sestan design of the referral users rating block;
‣ #FRONTEND server rendering — for SEO purposes.

Upcoming features:

‣ #BACKEND implementation of the referral system administration panel;
‣ #FRONTEND of the referral system administration panel interface layout;
‣ #FRONTEND server-side rendering — for SEO purposes.


KICKNOTIFY is a service of informing the users about the events or user actions that have occurred on the platform services.

Implemented functionality:

‣ #BACKEND the request router is replaced with a higher-performance one;
‣ #BACKEND unification of the KickNotify assembly;
‣ #BACKEND new notifications for KickMessenger added.

Upcoming features:

‣ #BACKEND implementation of the mechanism for counting unread notifications and messages;
‣ #BACKEND completion of message notifications;
‣ #QA testing and fixing bugs.


KickID will make using our products simple and easy for all our users. As soon as your log in to one platform in the network, you automatically log in to all platforms for a seamless experience.

Implemented functionality:

‣ #CORE processing the mechanism for generating errors for integrators;
‣ #CORE user country selection during registration, changing the country in the settings;
‣ #CORE reworked the logic of working with the choice of language in the interface;
‣ #CORE accelerate the deployment of the new version of KickID, minimize downtime;
‣ #CORE unification of KickID methods for integrators;
‣ #CORE unification of the assembly KickID;
‣ #FRONTEND completion of the authorization and registration interface, the ability to select a country from the list;
‣ #FRONTEND completion of the user settings interfaces for the ability to select a language from the list.

Upcoming features:

‣ #CORE testing and bug fixing;
‣ #CORE integration with the AML policy control service (Anti Money Laundering);
‣ #FRONTEND server rendering (for better indexing in search engines);
‣ #FRONTEND implementation of end-to-end navigation between platform services.


Implemented functionality:

‣ #RELEASE KickEX open beta test environment prepared;
‣ #BLOCKCHAIN mainnets of cryptocurrency nodes ​​transferred to the current infrastructure;
‣ #MONITORING rules for responding to KickEX system errors configured.

In progress:

‣ #RELEASE setting up for the exchange launch. We are exploring ways to increase the reliability of in-memory DB;
‣ #INFRASTRUCTURE Research and processing of mechanisms of vertical and horizontal scaling on dev/stage stands;

Upcoming features:

‣ #RELEASE FrozenWallet and KickMessenger preparation for production;
‣ #SEC measures to prevent incidents in infrastructure and extension of the alert system functionality;


Implemented functionality:

‣ #AUTOMATIZATION listing of priority cases for test automation;
‣ #AUTOMATIZATION automation of testing the main functionality of the exchange: placing and executing orders;
‣ #INFRASTRUCTURE initialization and configuration of components necessary for automated testing;
‣ #TESTING regression testing before FrozenWallet;

In progress:

‣ # CI / CD implementation of autotests in the process of continuous delivery of updates;
‣ #TESTING regression testing before a major update of the KickEx beta-stand;
‣ #TESTING testing the new functionality of the Ecosystem services;

Upcoming features:

‣ #AUTOMATIZATION autotest coverage of functionality on the Home, Markets, Funds screens;
‣ #AUTOMATIZATION updating and creating new cases in accordance with the functional update;
‣ #INFRASTRUCTURE configuring a system of alerts and reporting on conducted automated testing sessions;
‣ #TESTING Testing the new functionality of the Ecosystem services;

Information security

Implemented functionality:

‣ #MONITORING continuous monitoring of external perimeter vulnerabilities has been launched;
‣ #VULNERABILITY PROTECTION DevOps pipelines integrate container dependency checking;

In progress:

‣ #MONITORING launching continuous monitoring of host vulnerabilities;
‣ #VULNERABILITY PROTECTION integration of source code dependency vulnerability checks into DevOps pipelines;

Upcoming features:

‣ #MONITORING continuous monitoring of vulnerabilities at the following levels of abstraction;
‣ #INFRASTRUCTURE horizontal presence scaling in DevOps pipelines.

You made it! Mission accomplished! We hope you enjoyed the usual dev overload. Have a nice weekend!

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