KICK ECOSYSTEM Recap — Issue 3

What an overwhelming development ride it was the last few weeks! KICKICO team is pleased to inform on the latest KICK ECOSYSTEM progress. KICK ECOSYSTEM exponentially puzzles together, as our community supports us on this journey.

The remarkable internal DEMODAY took place several days ago, where developers demonstrated ready-made features of KICK v4.0. It was the first presentation of the platform functionalities, where components of the system interact with each other as it is contemplated within the framework of the KICK ECOSYSTEM. Already, it is possible to register and get authorized to access the platform via email, Facebook and Google. The campaign constructing elements muster together, more specifically you can: add a campaign description, add images, add a promo video, assemble the roadmap and spotlight team members.


KICKWALLET is a standalone cryptocurrency wallet that supports every currency on the KICK ECOSYSTEM and seamlessly integrates with every KICK service. We anticipate that many people will use KICKWALLET as their preferred cryptocurrency wallet, even if they don’t otherwise participate in the KICK ECOSYSTEM.

In order to interact with other components of the ECOSYSTEM, we implemented a service using the gRPC framework developed by Google. This framework allows the highest level of performance, without sacrificing usability and the speed of development
The logic of charging a fixed fee for withdrawal operations has been developed
Created blockchain-based wallets for ETH, KickCoin and all other Ethereum tokens
Completed user interface layout

Withdrawal and deposit functions in Ethereum blockchain for ETH, KickCoin and other Ethereum tokens
Bitcoin, Litecoin, EOS blockchain network support
Withdrawal and deposit functions for BTC and LTC currencies


KICKID will make using our products simple and easy for all of our users. When you log in to one platform on the network, you automatically login to all platforms for a seamless experience. For maximum usability and reach, KICKID will support email login, Facebook login, and Gmail login.

Carried out load testing: initial results showed a high service performance. Improved service performance, revealed points for additional optimization
For KICKREF: implemented the method of requesting a list of users
The ability to set a password for users registered through social networks

Additional optimization work, making necessary edits after testing
Development of data storage organization to provide scalability of services. This will allow serving a large number of customers without a loss of performance
Writing unit tests for the developed functionality
Full-text search and by reverse index to allow the implementation of a more flexible search, for example, by the first letters of the first or last name
Integrating monitoring with Kibana service which will allow to quickly respond to possible incidents and breakdowns

KICKICO (backend)

Developed a mechanism for loading and storing media files and campaign documents (legal, market, product, etc)
A global sorting mechanism was realized, which will be used for all results of issuance: campaigns, market place services, chat, etc

The implementation of the Howey Test, which allows the campaign author to determine the token type either utility or security, and therefore choose the right campaign type: ICO or STO
The implementation of the mechanism for adjusting various settings in the user profile such as setting a password, changing an e-mail, enabling and disabling 2FA, etc.
Integration with KICKWALLET
Mechanism of passing KYC
Mechanism of deposit and withdrawal of funds for users

KICKICO (frontend)

Completed the layout of screens and system components. Messenger and MarketPlace have been handed over
Authentication and registration mechanism completed
A single login page is achieved for the ECOSYSTEM user
Developed the access models for registered and unregistered users
Campaign API connected: the ECOSYSTEM now allows project creation, editing and adding sections to the campaign page: overview, roadmap, team, social networks, сover, headers, change of the background.

The user interface for displaying new, running and finished campaigns on the main page
Displaying a project page for backers
The user interface for passing KYC


KICKICO company takes care not only of the functional components of the product but also of the thorough maintenance, scaling and firm delivery of new functions to industrial servers. The DevOps is employed within the corporation — such methodology enables close interplay between the developers and the operating IT unit involved in servicing cloud and server solutions, monitoring systems and ensuring uninterrupted availability of services. To improve a delivery process of new product updates, CI/CD (continuous integration and continuous delivery) have been embedded for all services, which is an automated pipeline that tests every change of the developer’s code and delivers it to the Kubernetes-based work environment. Kubernetes is an infrastructure based solution developed by Google. It allows to conduct continuous functioning of the ECOSYSTEM services and automate the delivery of new releases to users.

Completed installation and setup of the equipment in the data centre for KICKEX Exchange.
Deploying KICKID; setting up a service of continuous delivery and testing of new functions (CI / CD pipeline) for the KICKID
Deployment of additional environments for KICK4.0 microservices
Deployment stage environment for accounting core
Setting up traffic routing between microservices

Kubernetes Cluster Update
Improving CI / CD processes
Improving monitoring of the Kubernetes Cluster
Stage-environment and CI / CD for the KICKREF administration service
Logging, business metrics, Kubernetes cluster notification


Every member in the KICK ecosystem can create their own personalized referral links to different parts of the network. If someone clicks a referral link, joins the KICK ecosystem, and then makes a transaction, the link creator earns a referral commission.

Parts of the functionality of the administrative panel have been developed:
The page for working with the user groups of the referral program, as well as the completed server part
The page for working with the referral programmes ( basic setting of the referral programme), as well as the completed server part

Implementation of settings within the administrative panel of the multi-level referral program
Realizing the user possibility within the administrative panel to manage referral members
Implementation of the main sections of the administrative panel of the referral system
Integration with KICKID


KICKEX is a robust, centralized exchange which will take everything that we’ve learned over the years from building and running KICKICO and layer in new innovations to create a next-generation exchange.

Integration of stop-order-book with accounting core
Completed the layout of the user interface components of the terminal
Integration of exchange statistic service with accounting core
Developed Matcher Core

Matcher integration with other KICKEX services, which will allow to accept user trade orders and report the results on their executions.
The service of connecting end users to the accounting core
Refinement of the accounting core to work with KICKWALLET, which will allow the system to take into account the financial transactions of users, as well as to conduct internal operations outside the blockchain network
Development of visual features of exchange charts in the user interface
API implementation for the exchange backend for exchange charts in the user interface

The developers are busy as bees and would appreciate if the reader could spare a moment to ‘clap’ their hard work on this global project.

Meanwhile, we remain

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