KICK ECOSYSTEM Recap — Issue 5

Dear all, please find the fifth edition of KICK ECOSYSTEM development report below. KICKICO Team believes that approximately every 2 weeks is a great time to surface from development and testing to give our community a progress report. Our developers keep hitting the milestones to prepare KICK ECOSYSTEM in time and in the best light possible.


KICKEX — a robust, centralized exchange, which sums up all our experience that we’ve learned over the years from building and running KICKICO as well as other innovations in KICK ECOSYSTEM to create a next-generation exchange.

A number of important architectural mechanics and functionality in the system have been developed, which will allow creating a B2B decentralized solution designed for government organizations and private businesses.

A single API Gateway transport has been developed to allow processing of interactions between brokers, UI and external connections (trading bots, analytical services, etc.);

At the moment, the team continues to work on enhancing the functionality of API Gateway, methods of interaction with the outside world and the UI to display trading statistics for currency pairs and trading charts (candlesticks).

Plans include the implementation of methods for displaying currency pairs, displaying order book, execution of transactions in the UI and API. Implementation of the execution logic of transactions and recording them in the accounting subsystem.

KICKICO frontend:

The UI and frontend team has completed:

The option to add videos of Vimeo and youtube on the project page;
A section with published campaigns in the user profile;
A single registration/authorization interface;
Management of the user settings in a single profile for all Ecosystem services.

Finishing the development of the KYC process interface; in a new ecosystem, a user only needs to go through verification once and use all services without any restrictions;
Finishing the development of displaying active user sessions (IP-address, country, service, etc.), this functionality allows to control access to the Ecosystem.

Additional user account settings such as:

Adding 2FA — multifactorial authorization using Google Authenticator;
User password change option;
Connection of social networks for authorization on the platform.

KICKICO backend:

Together with the frontend developers team, server development specialists have completed the following:

Finished the functionalities necessary to pass the KYC procedure;
Added the functionality to display all active user sessions with an ability to deactivate them;
Added the functionality of editing the profile fields;
Successfully configured the integration of gRPC protocol for the interaction with KICKWALLET (gRPC — is a modern protocol for the interaction of services from Google).

Constant testing and configuring the integration with KICKWALLET allowed to work around implementing the wallet functionalities to KICKICO service. At the moment, the team is working on depositing to and withdrawing functionalities from KICKWALLET.

Work on the user profile KICKPROFILE, which is an element of the platform for gathering ECOSYSTEM user information and allowing to display a summary of all services in the interface.


KICKWALLET is a standalone cryptocurrency wallet that supports every currency on the KICK ECOSYSTEM and seamlessly integrates with every KICK service. We anticipate that many people will use KICKWALLET as their preferred cryptocurrency wallet, even if they don’t otherwise participate in the KICK ECOSYSTEM.

The team has completed the work on tracking the deposits of ETH, KICK and other Ethereum-based currencies to the platform’s internal wallet.

Finishing off work on the possibility of funds withdrawal in ETH, KICK, and other Ethereum-based currencies from a platform.

Working on the accessibility of withdrawing funds in BTC and USDT currencies.


KICKID will make using our products simple and easy for all of our users. When you log in to one platform on the network, you automatically login to all platforms for a seamless experience. For maximum usability and reach, KICKID will support email login, Facebook login, and Gmail login.

The successful experience of using Tarantool in the KICKEX was taken over by the KICKID development team, using this technology to implement:

Caching mechanisms, which functionality will reduce the load and increase the response of the system several times;
The logic of working with sessions in the context of each element of the ecosystem is implemented, now the system will allow us to track in which subsystem the user performs his actions and will improve security through notifications of entry / exit and the current active session

Continued working on filling the Tarantool with the following functionality:
Work on session caching to reduce service response time;
Generation of links to change the password and e-mail.

Testing of the system and load testing, integration with the KICKNOTIFY notification service, development of the ability to quickly search for any user on the platform.


KICKNOTIFY is a service responsible for informing the users about what events or user actions have occurred on the platform services.

Interactions interface — any messages for the user will be delivered via KICKNOTIFY.

Developed the emails queue, the messages will be transactionally complete, which makes the system resistant to the loss of important user messages.
The service for sending e-mail and standard letter templates is implemented.

At the moment, the team is negotiating and developing the integration with KICKID service, all messages created in KICKID (such as password reset, change of email address, service login notification) will be sent via KICKNOTIFY

Implementing the methods for forming notifications across the ECOSYSTEM services based actions Integration with the rest of the platform services in order to form user notifications
Achieving a service for forming internal notifications concerning user operations on the platform


KICKREF — personal dashboard for participants of loyalty and referral programs of KICKICO Ecosystem

The main efforts of the developers were aimed at the development of the system administration dashboard, at the moment all methods for managing the referral programs are completed, marketing staff is planned to be trained for managing referral programs.

Finishing the work on the login and registration through a single authorization service KICKID.
Acquisition of users data to display it in the dashboard and personal account of the users.

Working on the interaction protocol of the accounting core to display user rewards for participation in the referral program


The engineering team completed work on tasks that will enhance the ease of development:
New test environments have been launched for KICKEX and for the service of tracking transactions in blockchain networks;
Configured event logging for new services, as well as for KICKID and KICKWALLET;
Running event visualization services.

The team is currently working on:
Logging and visualization of the performance of the KICKICO ecosystem services;
Service notification of problems in the cluster and applications.

Deployment of test environments for the new blockchain platforms to support BTC and USDT cryptocurrencies;
Research of the new functions of CI / CD systems to speed up the development process and enable more control over it to deliver new functionality.

Thank you again to all of our hard working developers! Keep up the excellent work!

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