KICK ECOSYSTEM Recap — Issue 8

Dear Friends! Welcome once more to another buzzing Development Diary Issue 8! This week we are going to focus on what features have been demonstrated during our internal demo-day last Friday, and yes, there will be screenshots!

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KICKEX — a robust, centralized exchange, which sums up all our experience that we’ve learned over the years from building and running KICKICO as well as other innovations in KICK ECOSYSTEM to create a next-generation exchange.

#DEMODAY. During the demo-day which took place last Friday — all pieces of KICKEX have been assembled together and the exchange has been demonstrated as a single piece of robust technology. Let’s get into more detail what exactly has been shown during the demo day, and it is the market trades simulated by a prepared trading script and the installation and execution of limit and market orders;

‣ #UI/UX. The landing page has been updated, a referral program for the early participants of the platform will be launched soon;
‣ #API. KICKEX has been connected to the KICKID authorization system;
‣ #UI/UX. Developed a way that users can now receive the information based on the trades taking place on the exchange;
‣ #UI/UX. Interface for order creation has been developed;
‣ #UI/UX. Active orders, order history and trade history information display has been implemented in the UI;
‣ #CORE. The demand and supply display in the Order Book has been launched and configured;
‣ #TESTING. Developed the integrational tests that increase the safety and reliability during the featured updates and while introducing the new features.

‣ #CORE. Our team has begun the implementation of advanced types of orders — stop and trailing stop orders;
‣ #API. Refinement work is being done on the integration with KICKID for receiving data on an authorized user in the KICKEX exchange;
‣ #CORE. Implementing the possibility of cancelling previously placed orders;

‣ #CORE. Transition to work with large numbers, it has already been optimized in the Tarantool database;
‣ #UI/UX. Implementing the mechanics of adding a new trading pair to the ‘favourites’ section;
‣ #UI/UX. Implementing the mechanics of monitoring market changes all 24 hours: this will allow to display and indicate the trade volumes, price fluctuations, the highest price and the lowest price of an asset to the user.
‣ #CORE. The work on functionally of a Quick Exchange of one cryptocurrency to another;
‣ #CORE. Adding new trading pairs in the following markets: BTC, USDT;

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KICKEX Dashboard Layout
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KICKEX Funds Section Layout
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KICKEX Deposit Funds Layout

KICKICO backend

‣ #UI/UX. Implemented the ability to rate the projects launched on the platform and post reviews to them;
‣ #UI/UX. Implemented the ability to comment on the campaign reviews;
‣ #ADMIN. The admin dashboard has been finished. It allows to
- Search using various filters when working with a list of campaigns
- display the campaigns that match the set filters
‣ #CORE. Implemented the mechanisms for working with campaigns:
- Mechanism of managing the favourite campaigns and feature them on KICKICO page;
- Campaign moderation mechanism
‣ #ADMIN. Implemented the section within the admin dashboard for managing users of the platform:
- Search users list by various filters;
- Display the user information when chosen from the list of users;
- Edit user attributes depending on the role of the platform admin;
- Platform admin can now adjust the email of the user of the platform;
- Platform admin can now manage user access rights;
- A mechanism for banning a user from a platform has been added;
‣ #REF. Implemented the mechanic of transferring the referral hash to KICKID service during the user registration for further scoring in the referral system;

‣ #ADMIN. Implementing the section of the comments and review in the moderator dashboard.
‣ #UI. Implementing the mechanics of likes/dislikes of the reviews and comments to the reviews;
#CORE. Implementing the mechanics of a ‘campaign life-cycle’, that delivers the transition of the campaign status depending on the business logic;

KICKICO frontend

‣ #CORE. Implemented the API connection for funds deposit and withdrawal directly to KICKWALLET, as well as displaying funds in the wallet of the user;
‣ #API. Established the API connection in order to write campaigns reviews and leave comments to them;
‣ #UI/UX. Implemented the social feature of following and unfollowing the platform user, in the future, such feature will be finalised with the algorithm of tracking the actions of the user to whom you subscribed;
‣ #ADMIN. Implemented the feature of authorizing the user in the admin dashboard of KICKICO;
‣ #API. Established the API connection for the admin of the platform to track and monitor information on platform users and campaigns that are featured.

Fixing the minor bugs API Wallet, API KICKEX, API admin Kick4, Kick4 API.

API Wallet (Bug Fix);
API Kick4 (Bug Fix);
API Kick4 Админка (Bug Fix);
API KickNotify (authorization/receiving data).


KICKWALLET is a standalone cryptocurrency wallet that supports every currency in the KICK ECOSYSTEM and seamlessly integrates with every KICK service. We anticipate that many people will use KICKWALLET as their preferred cryptocurrency wallet, even if they don’t otherwise participate in the KICK ECOSYSTEM.

‣ #DEMODAY. During the demo-day, the following features have been demonstrated: deposit and withdrawal of KICK, ETH and BTC currencies.
‣ #CORE. Preparing the integration of USDT currency

‣ #CORE. Implementing the operations with USDT on the platform.

‣ #TESTING. Conduction QA testing on deposit and withdrawal of USDT


Every member in the KICK ecosystem can create their own personalized referral links to different parts of the network. If someone clicks a referral link, joins the KICK ecosystem, and then makes a transaction, the link creator earns a referral commission.

‣ #API. Integration with KICKID service for user registration and authorization in the referral system;
‣ #API. Implementing the methods for receiving user information from KICKID;
‣ #CORE. Configuring the sync of the information depending on if the user confirmed his e-mail in KICKID and KICKREF services or not;
‣#TESTING. Testing and debugging the end-to-end process of inviting a user through a referral link with further bonus crediting on all referral levels;

‣ #UI/UX. Further developments of the user profile in the KICKID section, so that it is more clear who the referrals are and how the earnings are generated and depend on the actions of the referrals;
‣ #ADMIN. Bug fixes in the admin dashboard after testing results.

‣ #DESIGN The layout of the user’s profile with the implemented design;
‣ #API. Integration with the KICKWALLET service;
‣ #API. Integration with an external service to provide currency rates.


‣ #UI/UX. The user notifications methods have been implemented, each user can configure which notification he/she wants to receive in the ecosystem and to the email.

‣ #API. Development of how-to receive notifications and queue them for user distribution;
‣ #API. Development of methods for reading and deleting notifications;
‣ #API. Integration with other platform services for generating correct notifications to the user.

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KICKID will make using our products simple and easy for all of our users. When you log in to one platform on the network, you automatically log in to all platforms for a seamless experience. For maximum usability and reach, KICKID will support email login, Facebook login, and Gmail login.

‣ #SEARCH. Microservice for storing user indexes to improve the search and sort processes;
‣ #CORE. Testing sending emails to users for email confirmation;
‣ #UI/UX. Adding the moderator rights for the KICK staff members to allow changing the information provided by the user such as an email address.
‣ #ADMIN. Moderator rights to block the user if necessary;
‣ #API. Integration with KICKREF service for the user registration and authentication in the referral system.

‣ #TESTING. Conduct integration testing with other services of the ecosystem and fix any occurring bugs.


‣ #CI/CD. Setting up the environment for processing stop orders on KICKEX;
‣ #MONITORING. Optimized assembling, processing, storing and cleaning logs on Stag /Prod circuits
‣ #MONITORING. Optimized the monitoring of critical service stage/production cluster; set up additional channels for sending notification (such as telegram, slack, e-mail);
‣ #MONITORING. Additional routing of monitoring Internet services;
#MONITORING. Logging and monitoring in KICKID.

‣ #TESTING. Deploying unit and integration tests to the component pipelines of the KICKEX;
‣ #HARDWARE. Preparing the physical servers for deploying the KICKEX component.

‣ #SECURITY. Configuring CISCO WAF — providing security against DDOS and malicious traffic;
‣ #HARDWARE. Preparing a backup data centre site for KICKEX services;
‣ #HARDWARE. Implementing GitOps practice for infrastructure repository;
‣ #AUTOMATIZATION. A detailed study of CI systems ConcourseCI and Jenkins to improve the current process of automated delivery of updates;
‣ #UPDATE. Kubernetes cluster update to version 1.13 (stage + prod);
‣ #AUTOMATIZATION. The relocation of configuration files and microservice pipelines to Helm;
‣ #SECURITY. Research of additional tools to protect against hacking and malware.

Wow! That was a long read and we hope you find it really useful. We’ll be back in 2 weeks to shed light on the progressing features of all the components of KICK ECOSYSTEM. Our Team has been dynamically working and hitting all planned milestones. Thank you to our developers!

Keep tuned,

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