KICK ECOSYSTEM Recap — Issue 9

TGIF! Good day, and welcome to the supreme KICK ECOSYSTEM Development Diary Issue 9. Here we feature our exponential progress. If you have been keeping a hawk-eye on the development diaries over the past months, we suspect you might already have an idea of how to build a top-class cryptocurrency exchange and other services.


KICKEX — a robust, centralized exchange, which sums up all the expertise that we’ve gained over the years of building and running KICKICO as well as a range of innovations in KICK ECOSYSTEM to create a next-generation exchange.

‣ #DEMODAY The basics of stop orders in the trading terminal have been demonstrated during the demo-day;
‣ #UI Implemented the logic of changing the status for open stop orders and trailing orders;
‣ #CORE The team has continued to work on implementing new data types for storing and processing Big Numbers. Establishing the new types of data will reduce the costs of productivity by reducing the cost of data serialization;
‣ #AUTOMATIZATION Automated assembling of exchange for developers, reduced the time needed to update the system and test data.

‣ #CORE Development of accounting subsystem recovery logic for asynchronous replication, such solution will allow to continue all trading and recover the account data from the order matching system;
‣ #CORE Development a mechanism for reserving funds when placing a stop order, such a solution will eliminate a technical overdraft;
‣ #UI Development the visual display of trailing orders on the trading chart;
‣ #UI Depositing funds to the wallet without a need to switch to an exchange interface.

KICKICO backend

‣ #ADMIN Platform moderator interactions with a user — moderator has the rights to ban, disable 2FA, change user’s email and issues other rights to the user;
‣ #API Developed a method for displaying all user’s comments in its dashboard in UI;
‣ #CORE Campaign workflow mechanism, the ability to manage the life cycle of a campaign, limiting its jumping over the required steps depending on the business logic;
‣ #API Sending a campaign to moderation entails filling the required fields;
‣ #API The campaign can be edited by an admin. The admin has the rights to ban the campaign and change its status;
‣ #API The moderator section of comments and review is ready for viewing, searching and filtering.
‣ #ADMIN Only admins and campaign authours have the right to view the contents of a banned campaign.

‣ #API Campaign updates section, the possibility of adding updates manually and automatically, viewing and commenting on the campaign;
‣ #API Likes and dislikes of comments, reviews, and updates of a campaign;
‣ #ADMIN Admin rights to delete the unwanted comments;

KICKICO frontend

‣ #UI For the platform user: implemented the ability to deposit USDT currency to the KICKWALLET

‣ #UI Implementing the possibility of editing user data (that is registered on the platform) in the admin dashboard.
‣ #UI Implementing the layout of individual pages of the referral system.

‣ #UI Displaying user comments;
‣ #UI Displaying the number of reviews and comments to the user’s campaigns in its profile;
‣ #UI The mechanism for receiving data from the KICKNOTIFY service.


KICKWALLET is a standalone cryptocurrency wallet that supports every currency in the KICK ECOSYSTEM and seamlessly integrates with every KICK service. We anticipate that many people will use KICKWALLET as their preferred cryptocurrency wallet, even if they don’t participate in the KICK ECOSYSTEM.

‣ #DEMODAY. During the demo-day, the deposit and withdrawal of USDT currency have been demonstrated.

‣ #CORE. Implementing the possibility of the platform to work with ETC.

‣ #TESTING. Conduction QA testing on deposit and withdrawal of ETC.


Every member in the KICK ecosystem can create their personalized referral links to different parts of the network. If someone clicks a referral link, joins the KICK ecosystem, and then makes a transaction, the link creator earns a referral commission.

‣ #UI The layout of the user dashboard in KICKREF referral system has been completed;
‣ #UI Implementated the custom design of the user personal dashboard;
‣ #API Implementated the method of collecting information about referral users via a referral link;
‣ #API Developed methods for obtaining information and displaying referral statistics in the user dashboard

‣ #ADMIN Development of functionality to block the user in the admin dashboard of the referral system;
‣ #ADMIN Development of the method for obtaining user information in the admin dashboard. The information will portray all users that have registered on the platform via a referral link.

‣ #RND A technical task for developing a referral bot for Telegram;
‣ #UI Implementing the refined design to the user’s dashboard in the referral program;
‣ #API Fixing the methods for receiving information of a particular referral structure in the LC for adapting the new design.


KICKNOTIFY is a service responsible for informing the users about what events or user actions have occurred on the platform services.

‣ #API Implemented the methods for recording and storing all notifications from the Ecosystem services.

‣ #GATEWAY Implementing a web socket service for reading and deleting ecosystem service notifications from UI.

‣ #API Developing the methods of integration with other services of the platform for forming the necessary notifications to the user.


KICKID will make utilising our products simple and easy for all of our users. As soon as your log in to one platform in the network, you automatically log in to all platforms for a seamless experience. For maximum usability and reach, KICKID will support email login, Facebook login, and Gmail login.

‣ #API Implemented the methods of the admin dashboard: the admin can perform the following functions — ban the user and make changes to its data;
‣ #TESTING Conduct integration testing with other services of the Ecosystem and bug fixes.

‣ #LAUNCH Preparing for launching the service together with KICKREF;
‣ #TESTING Conduct integration testing with the rest of the Ecosystem Services and bug fixes.
‣ #API Implementing the full-text search of the user by its name and surname on the platform.


‣ #OPTIMIZATION Optimized logging subsystem on stage/prod contours;
‣ #CI/CD Helm chart for KICKREF, modification of the continuous delivery pipeline.

‣ #CI/CD Switch to Helm in KICKAUTH, KICKNOTIFY; CI/CD modification of pipelines for these projects;
‣ #TESTING Implementing unit and integration tests into the KICKEX component pipelines;
‣ #UPDATE Upgrading the stage cluster Kubernetes to 1.13 version;
‣ #HARDWARE Preparing the physical servers and network infrastructure for the deployment of KICKEX component.

‣ #CI/CD Implementing the GitOps practice for infrastructure repository;
‣ #CI/CD A detailed study and investigation of CI systems — ConcourseCI and Jenkins to replace the current system;
‣ #UPDATE Updating the production cluster Kubernetes to 1.13 version;
‣ #CI/CD Transfer of configuration files and microservice pipelines to Helm;
‣ #RND Researching to discover new solutions to protect the network and infrastructure and to improve information security.

We thank our developers once again! We have just a couple of Dev Diaries remaining before KICK ECOSYSTEM first products releases. We want to make sure that you are involved along the way. We’ll be taking in feedback and suggestions moreso than ever before the releases, so please:

KICKICO Telegram Chat


KICKICO Subreddit



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