Kick Ecosystem receives support from Finnish investors

On October 23, Alexander Gnatusin, COO of Kick Ecosystem, presented KickRef and other сomponets of Kick Ecosystem at a startup event called “How to Hack Slush” in the Digital Business Space in Moscow.

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Dear friends,

We are here to share some great news!

A startup event called “How to Hack Slush took place in the Digital Business Space in Moscow on Wednesday the 23rd of October. The COO of Kick Ecosystem had a сhance to present KickRef and other сomponets of the ecosystem to Finnish investors.

During the pitch session organized by “Helsinki Center, NewCo Helsinki, and Helsinki Ventures”, Alexander talked to the investment fund from Finland and successfully presented Kick Ecosystem project to potential investors. The project received a highly positive overall assessment.

Experts from “NewCo Helsinki and Helsinki Ventures” offered mentor support and help on how to improve startup presentation for a successful pitch to foreign investors. This information will help us present Kick Ecosystem in its best light at the next visit to Slush. What’s more, the speakers shared valuable knowledge about the Finnish startup ecosystem in general, as well as services and support that is available for international companies in Finland.

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