Kick Ecosystem Security Bug Bounty Diaries: Issue 2

Thanks to our brave security bug hunters we have found and fixed 6 system bugs!

Dear Kick Community!

Recently we have launched a Security Bug Bounty Program and by now there were 6 bugs discovered and fixed within Kick Ecosystem:

  • 3 critical bugs
  • 2 medium bugs
  • 1 low bug

We thank all participants who collaborated with our security team and helped us make the ecosystem a much safer service for everyone. Users’ data protection and funds safety is extremely important for us, hence we pay so much attention to IT security.

You can take a look at our security heroes on the Hall of Fame page!

As a result, 4 security researchers have applied for a payout and will receive their deserved rewards. There are also 2 “Hall of Fame” records reserved for our best security bug hunters.

We remind you that any security folks can still participate in the bug bounty program of Kick Ecosystem. Please, read all the details here. Every effort is appreciated and each security bug you find will be rewarded in crypto. You can receive up to 300 USD for every critical security bug you found.

Take part in our Security Bug Bounty program: pump your skills, earn money, and become a Hall of Famer!

Always yours,

Kick Ecosystem team

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