KICK gets listed on Livecoin

That is it. We hope you have all had a good time celebrating and enjoying your holidays and now shall be ready for work. This year is going to become a special for we are about to promote and accomplish a lot, and nothing shall prevent the platform’s growth. There will be many more projects and we will offer exceptional functionality to our users to enable rapid industry development.

As a matter of fact, the last couple of days pleased many with a significant price increase of KickCoin, and we hope everyone managed to take some benefits from trade this time. In the past 4 days (starting Jan, 3) the average KickCoin price went up from $0.06 to $0.16 (Jan, 7), at some point of time even reaching $0.22, in the end of the day getting more than 50% plus to the ICO price, letting the initial sale participants make from 1.5x to 3x depending on the discount or bonus at the sale or presale. The quickest holders managed to maximize these profits by playing smart at exchanges, since the current volatility of cryptocurrencies in general brings some extra opportunities when either growth or decline. To make it even easier in the future, we would like to announce there is another exchange that has listed us:

As usual, let us tell you why it is better, since there are many exchanges and though they have more or less the same basics they are designed to serve slightly different purposes.

At trading KickCoin is presented in 4 trading pairs:





The first and the main benefit for KICK holders is the more exchanges list us the more traders buy and sell KICK, therefore the price is to rise more steadily and evenly. It is sure important for fair traders since the higher the total market trading volume, the more complicated it becomes to manipulate the coin price.

The next thing is that since we still live in a world of fiat money dominating and cryptocurrencies only speeding up on the track of replacing the old money, it is still necessary to be able to cash in and cash out: Livecoin offers,,, and Qiwi for your convenience.

Frankly, it is obvious these services did not try to chase the lowest fees, but it seems it was not the point: none of these services is infamous for fraud or technical disadvantage that led to money losses.

Now, getting to the sweetest point of this announcement: we know there are a lot in our community who feel unconfident about starting to trade actively, mainly due to a lack of experience. The good news is did take care of that and has created a user-friendly fool-proof interface to appeal to both experienced traders and total newbies. They even bothered to make a short screen-capture video guide to walk one through all the essentials.

All you need to get started is a simple registration procedure and a security set-up to create your PIN-code to authorize transactions, and you are good to go. Deposits and withdrawals are dead simple as you will see once there.

We are looking at a world of free finance, and sure there will be challenges in the way to it. Our goal is to make using crypto in trading and daily life a normalcy available for everyone, and in this path a new exchange is always a positive achievement. Livecoin is definitely not the biggest, but it is quite convenient for beginners, besides, we will make the spread of our coin broader and wider by accumulating more exchanges this year, so our holders will always have a rich choice of rates, conditions, volumes and even jurisdictions.

In the very end, we would also like to add we all have a tradition of gift-giving for New Year or Christmas, but we wish to extend the due period: you will see 2018 will be a whole year of great enterprises, events and developments, so get ready for a load of work and a bunch of profits. In addition to having more projects presented on KICKICO we will also hold more educational and promotional events and presentations.

Stay tuned and you will receive more good news from us, follow us in Telegram (eng),Twitter (eng), Facebook(eng),Facebook group (eng)




Welcome to the official Kick Ecosystem blog. It's great to have you with us, enjoy a good read! Our websites: |

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Kick Ecosystem OFFICIAL

Kick Ecosystem OFFICIAL

Welcome to the official Kick Ecosystem blog. It's great to have you with us, enjoy a good read! Our websites: |

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