KICK is about to PUNCH the chains

Dear Friends!

We have been keeping this secret for a long time, but we can no longer wait and, finally, we are revealing our cards to lift the veil of secrecy over the planning horizon for the near future.

Blockchain problem

As you already know, we have been conducting research into developing our own blockchain for a long time. And today we will share with you the results of this long and persistent research.

To our greatest regret, the results of our research have shown that all current blockchains do not suit us. And it’s not just about slow transactions and limited functionality, but the very concept of blocks: they are like square wheels on a car or a bicycle.


Therefore, we have developed a completely new approach and concept, which we named Spherechain. Spherechain is a model tested by the evolution itself — our universe has honed and tested it for thousands of years. This led to the creation of DNA and later a reasonable person invented the crown of creation — Spherechain. Its architecture is identical to the architecture and principles of DNA. Therefore, we can safely say: the meaning of human existence has finally been found, and it is the creation of Spherechain.

Spherechain, which we are developing, is called PUNCH. In addition to its unique architecture, PUNCH Spherechain has a number of updated entities. Since we are in for the honesty and transparency, we cannot call contracts in Spherechain “smart,” as the creators of many blockchains do. In order for contracts to be truly “smart”, they would need much more rather than just following the primitive rules and algorithms inherent in them by people. Truly smart contracts should include powerful, advanced artificial intelligence. Consequently, smart contracts are hypocrisy, which we do not accept in our company.

In this regard, we present a new concept “silly contracts” — they are like “smart contracts”, but with the correct naming. Same goes for the “smart oracles” — we introduce the essence of “Dumb Soothsayer” in Spherechain. The main feature of “silly contracts” and “dumb soothsayers” in Punch Spherechain is that the artificial intelligence we implemented into them will gradually educate itself. Of course, the first hundreds of thousands of transactions will fail, and the decisions of our silly contracts and dumb soothsayers will raise questions, but we believe that the end result is worth it.

Another important feature of Spherechain is its environmental friendliness. We are unequivocally opposed to using the resources of our planet for mining, and we believe that this is ideologically wrong. Therefore, with Spherechain we present a completely new way of mining — Proof of Physical Work. This means that Punch Coin can be mined only through human physical exercise. At first, the alfa stage and the testnet will include bicycle simulators and treadmills in various fitness centers, and then anyone will be able to order mining equipment from home. Thus, Spherechain not only protects our planet, but also cares about the health of the miners! Spherechain can truly be called the most useful chain among all the others.

Worldwide recognition

PUNCH Spherechain has already been approved by the DRAPA Commission, FDA, received a Halal certificate. To date, a preliminary agreement has been signed with Elon Musk on the use of PUNCH Spherechain in a decentralized system for storing and exchanging information for androids. The launch of the production will be officially announced by him a little later. Umbrella and E Corp have also sent applications for alpha testing.

Conditions of Punch airdrop to KICK holders will be announced later too. The starting price of one PunchCoin is $100,000, however, it should be noted that, as PUNCH Spherechain’s artificial intelligence grows, the cost will also increase. Hurry up and join the whitelist for receiving the priority punch, spots are limited!

All the best, KICK ECOSYSTEM team.

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