KICK is listing on COSS Exchange | 2M KICK Competition + 500K KICK Airdrop

KICK is on a listing spree! Crypto never sleeps, and so our very own KickCoin keeps hitting great exchanges.

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COSS Exchange lists KICK with 3 trading pairs: BTC, ETH, USDT

COSS is a #105 exchange according to Coinmarketcap with a daily trading volume exceeding $6m. One of the main advantages of COSS is extensive support of fiat currencies and stable coins.

Withdrawal fees:

* BTC — 0.00023 BTC, min amount 0.00046 BTC
* ETH — 0.008 ETH, min amount 0.016 ETH
* USDT — 1 USDT, min amount 2 USDT
* KICK — 230 KICK, min amount 460 KICK

Deposits in crypto are zero-fee and not limited, min deposits amounts apply.

Click to see the full list of fees on COSS

500K KICK Airdrop details:

KICKICO to airdrop its native tokens to CFT holders: 500K KICK
Hold minimum 10K CFT in your COSS account to qualify for the 500,000 KICK airdrop.

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2M KICK Trading competition details:

Yet another great contest for traders. The trading campaign will be a total of 5 rounds, with each round being 3 days.

Top 20 ranks in each round will win KICK coins based on the distribution outlined below, with 7600 KICK airdropped to 10 random traders (each) anywhere on the list of participants for that round.

Rank 1 — 10%
Rank 2 — 7.5%
Rank 3 to 5 — 5%
Rank 6 to 10 — 3.5%
Rank 11 to 20 — 3%
10 random traders — 2%

One top volume trader for the entire campaign wins 100000 KICK coins.

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Good luck to all traders! May the odds be ever in your favour.

Be sure to follow us on social media! Many exciting contests to come!

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