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Congratulations to Kick Ecosystem on our new home in the British Virgin Islands! But that’s not all — as of today KickEX exchange is wide open to new users from USA, Canada, Iran, Crime and countries which were blocked before!

The fact is that Estonia easily joins sanctions, which often disadvantage citizens of certain countries. Kick Ecosystem team believes that every crypto project is obliged to open new opportunities for people not only around the world, but also beyond. Bans on access to cryptocurrencies contradict everything that this industry exists for.

That’s why Kick Ecosystem has settled on the BVI (British Virgin Islands) and is expanding the geography of its users. Users in countries that were not allowed to use KickEX exchange can now use Kick Ecosystem products. Our mobile applications are already getting moderation in storerooms and will also be available for download and use in these countries within a couple of days (that’s the time required for the verification).

But that’s not all: KickEX users can now deposit up to €30,000 and withdraw up to €30,000 within a calendar month without going through the KYC procedure! Learn more about this below.

More to come! There are a lot of news ahead, which will change everything: margin trading, legalization of crypto in Russia and exchange move to the safest, Russian, jurisdiction, where money won’t be confiscated or frozen by exchanges under pressure of regulators and authorities, as we’ve felt it ourselves — restrictions on buying cryptocurrencies for Russian citizens by cards of Russian banks and many other examples of that.

€30,000 without KYC

Great news: KickEX users can now deposit an amount not exceeding €30,000 and withdraw an amount not exceeding €30,000 within a calendar month without going through the KYC procedure! Trade on KickEX, the place for great financial freedom for people all over the world.

The verification (KYC) is mandatory if you are:

1. A resident of a high-risk country;

Example 1: A user from Ghana, which is considered to be a high-risk country, cannot deposit, trade or withdrawal funds from the exchange without being verified.

2. Your country isn’t considered as a high-risk one, but you intend to deposit greater to 30,000 EUR and/or withdraw greater to 30,000 EUR (in the amount of the equivalent in cryptocurrency) within a month;

Example 2: A user from Japan made a deposit of 29,900 euros, and within the same month he is willing to deposit another 105 euros. In this case, the user has two options: limit his deposit to 29,900 euros during the current month or pass the verification (KYC) since the total deposit amount of 30,005 euros* exceeds the established limit.

*The amount is calculated at the time the deposit/withdrawal request is submitted.

High-risk countries:

  • Afghanistan;
  • Albania;
  • Barbados;
  • Botswana;
  • Ethiopia;
  • Ghana;
  • Iraq;
  • Libya;
  • Nicaragua;
  • Nigeria;
  • Pakistan;
  • Panama;
  • Trinidad and Tobago;
  • Zimbabwe.

The verification (KYC) is not required if both of the following conditions are met:

  1. You are not a resident of a high-risk country.
  2. The funds you deposit or withdraw during a calendar month don’t exceed the limit:
  • for deposits — 30,000 euros* (in equivalent);
  • for withdrawals — 30,000 euros* (in equivalent).

Example 3: During one month, a user from Finland has withdrawn an equivalent of 3,000 euros, then another 4,000 euros, and now intends to withdraw 500 euros. The total withdrawal amount would be 7,500 euros (in equivalent). In this case, both conditions are met: the limit of 30,000 euros is not exceeded and the user is not a resident of a high-risk country. Therefore the user can withdraw his funds without passing the verification (KYC).

*The amount is calculated at the time the deposit/withdrawal request is submitted.

The verification (KYC) procedure and use of the KickEX exchange are not possible (due to the legal and policy requirements of the AML/CFT) if you are a resident of a country from the prohibited list:

  • American Samoa;
  • Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea);
  • Syria.

Cryptocurrency — A Safe Future

While banking institutions can’t guarantee stability and fall under sanctions, holders of cryptocurrency in cold wallets don’t have to worry about their money’s safety.

Stablecoins are stable cryptocurrencies, usually backed by fiat currency such as the U.S. dollar. Accordingly, their price is fully identical to that of the asset that they represent. A prime example of a stablecoin is USDT, traditionally regarded as a digital dollar in the crypto market. However, it is controlled by a private company regulated by the U.S., and we don’t necessarily recommend using this particular currency. Only decentralized currencies, even volatile ones that can’t be frozen, are truly safe: BTC, ETH and, of course, our KICK token.

You can purchase and safely store the following stablecoins on the KickEX cryptocurrency exchange: USDT, BUSD, and USDC. There are no bank markups when buying cryptocurrencies, and therefore “a dollar is worth less”. We’re also expecting cryptocurrency to become legalized in Russia and in many other countries. This means that exchanging it for rubles or other currencies will be much easier.

Register an account on KickEX and buy cryptocurrency in only a couple of clicks. For added security, store your crypto in cold wallets after purchase. Bear in mind that cryptocurrency can rise in value or fall. A few years ago, Bitcoin was valued at a mere $100 and today, its price is around $45,000, so keeping it long term is in our opinion the safest and most profitable way to save money in times of crisis. These instructions will teach you how to use the exchange:

We have prepared a small and easy-to-understand three-lesson Guide to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. All newcomers to the industry are encouraged to watch:

Questions and Communication

  • Contact our 24/7 support: support@kickex.com
  • Join the KICK community. Connect with the team and like-minded people: https://t.me/KickICO

The work of Kick Ecosystem team is boiling! The launch of margin trading is planned for this fall, and every day we strive to make it more convenient, interesting and efficient for our users to contribute to the growth of cryptocurrency distribution all over the world. Stay tuned:

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Welcome to the official Kick Ecosystem blog. It's great to have you with us, enjoy a good read! Our websites: kickex.com | kickico.com

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Kick Ecosystem OFFICIAL

Kick Ecosystem OFFICIAL


Welcome to the official Kick Ecosystem blog. It's great to have you with us, enjoy a good read! Our websites: kickex.com | kickico.com