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More great news for our valued Community! Now KickCoin is listed on Bibox!

The Bibox Exchange started out in the late 2017, but its quality and security is something only to be matched by many more mature platforms. Bibox was created by members of OKCoin and HuoBi, two largest exchanges of China. According to Bibox developers, the platform supports up to 10 million users and processes millions of transaction; the 24 hour trade volume exceeds 110 million dollars. As for user-friendliness and functionality, Bibox is nothing short of those even compared to industry giants like Bittrex.

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Now, what is it for KICKICO and our community? Bibox is the 8th to join the list of exchanges that trade KickCoin. Our token is becoming more spread, which consequently will cause the rate to grow: the more exchanges and trade volumes, the higher the demand and, correspondingly, the faster the price growth.

Besides, seeing the increasing activity, we get more and more fresh people join the crowds of our vast community, and this support is also essential: our mutual success relies on the community activity no less than on listings.

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