KICK’s Return to BitMart

Deposits will be available on July 22, trading and withdrawals on July 23

Dear KICK Community! We’re excited to share great news with you. KICK v8 token is once again available for trading on BitMart exchange. BitMart is licensed in the USA, which will allow citizens of the United States to trade KICK tokens. Deposits will be available on Thursday, July 22, trading and withdrawals will start on Friday, July 23, in the KICK/USDT trading pair.

BitMart does not currently support KICK token stacking, however, if there is active trading there and we see high demand for KICK token there, support for stacking will also be implemented. Therefore, if you buy tokens on BitMart exchange, you will need to transfer them to your cold wallet and keep them there in order to receive the staking.

We thank the BitMart team for their quick, professional and prompt work in supporting the KICK token swap and hope that other exchanges where the previous generation of KICK was traded will soon follow suit.

As a reminder, on July 1 we swapped KICK token, replacing the old smart contract with the new one, which resulted in the following features being available to users:

  • Staking. KICK token holders receive a percentage of each KICK token transaction made on the blockchain according to their share of token supply. In other words, the more KICK tokens a user owns, the higher percentage of distributed tokens they receive. For tokens held by users on KickEX exchange, the staking and distribution sections will be launched within a month, and all distributions in the meantime will be credited. To receive distributable tokens (staking) now, transfer your tokens to any cold wallet (recommended: MyEtherWallet, Trezor, Ledger, Metamask).

We will also be launching a staking calculator in the near future so that you can calculate your own profit from your KICK v8 token ownership. We’ll also add a way to allow users to see KICK token burning statistics.

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