CoinMarketCap displays the correct KICK value now

Dear Kick Community! Many of you have noticed that the circulating volume of KickToken “grew” from 58 billion to 125 billion on CoinMarketCap (Cryptocurrency Market Capitalizations). The “grew” in quotes because there were no new issues: all this time CoinMarketCap showed incorrect value, but now it is finally displayed correctly, for which we say a big thank you to the patient CMC team!

This situation spooked those who joined KickEX exchange recently, which affected the price of KickToken, as some users thought that new KICK tokens were created and started selling off their stock for fear of them coming to exchanges. Which, of course, could not happen in any way.

The fact that CoinMarketCap now displays a reliable value of KickToken issue, which is in free circulation, is great news for all KICK holders because this will help it to reach the top 100 and then top 20 coins much faster: from now on the token price in the ranking algorithm will multiply not by 58, but by 125 billion!

Thanks to the fact that CoinMarketCap showed the correct value, KickToken immediately rose by 400+ positions in the ranking. And that means onwards and upwards, because now even with a slight increase in the price, the upward movement will be several times more powerful than before.

At this moment, we can confidently say that now is the perfect time to join the army of KICK holders. Seize the moment before it’s too late!

Stay tuned for updates, exciting news ahead.

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