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KICK token will be completely transitioned to the BSC network

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2 min readDec 27, 2021
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Hello, KickEX community! We’ve already written about our plans to fully transition the KICK token to the Binance Smart Chain network. Today, there’ll be an automatic swap of all tokens. Make sure that you don’t get surprised by the swap during the pre-holiday days!

Who, what, where?

After the KICK token appeared on the BSC network, some difficulties came up. Among these difficulties was the fact that the tokens were confused on the ETH and BSC networks and they displayed different rates. With the low fees offered on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain, we made the decision to completely switch over to that network. This unification will provide a number of benefits and will be convenient for our users, which is our main goal.

This event will take place on New Year’s Eve, December 27, 2021, and we will remind you about it in advance on social networks. All KICK (ETH) tokens will be automatically swapped onto BSC. We wrote all our recommendations when it comes to the swap in our previous post, but let’s talk about what order this will all occur in.

What to consider

  • If you have KICK tokens on other exchanges, it’s best to move them to KickEX to avoid unnecessary problems;
  • The same goes for users who keep KICK tokens on custodial wallets (it’s best to transfer them to our exchange);
  • Staking and burning functionalities will remain and should become much more efficient. The low fees offered by BSC opens up transfers for everyone, and not just whales.

How the token swap will occur

  1. We’ll send out a warning notice about the KICK token trading stop.
  2. The actual trading stop. If you still have active orders in pairs with KICK at this point, don’t worry — these orders will automatically be cancelled.
  3. The swap itself. All tokens will go to the BSC network (the quantitative transition ratio will be calculated according to the current rate across different networks).
  4. Trading resumes. The community will also be notified about this via social networks.

This way, we’ll take care that the swap proceeds comfortably and seamlessly for all holders. After December 27th, it’ll be possible to trade KICK on the fast, convenient, and inexpensive BSC blockchain!

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