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Dear Friends! Considering the matters of exchanges that all of a sudden stopped KICK deposits/withdrawal, KICK Token SWAP Bonus campaign deadline is extended to 16th of September 15:00 +3UTC. Horray! You can stack up more KICK coins and climb up another tier or two for a bigger bonus!

What do I do?

🔷Buy KICK or more KICK on exchanges

🔷Move your KickCoins into 1 personal wallet

🔷Check your BONUS Tier

🔷Wait until 16th of September 15:00 PM +3 UTC for the snapshot

🔷Start unlocking your coins when KICKEX launches

Example: If you currently on Tier 4, and buy more KICK before 16th of September to reach Tier 3 — we will recalculate the amount and reward you with the Tier 4 bonus!


This is also applicable to those, who have not yet participated! You still have a chance for a 150% BONUS!

Where can I buy more KICK?

Our exchange partners: KUCOIN, EXMO, HitBTC, Coinsbit, Livecoin, Bitcratic, IDEX, COSS, Mercatox, TOKOK, Bilaxy, P2PB2B.

Important Update 2.0:

The second blockchain snapshot on the 16th of September was not executed. All the bonuses were credited during the first round with the deadline on 29th of August. The extended Swap Bonus was replaced by the Frozen Drop of 888,888 Kick Tokens to more than 167,375 crypto users. However, if you were set to receive more than 888,888 Kick Tokens during the extension of the Swap Bonus, please send a message to with all the details.

Sincerely yours,
Kick Ecosystem.

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