Breaking News: We are Reducing KICK Transaction Fees!

Now transaction fees are 2 times lower

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Hello, KICK friends! We know you love to get good news from us, and we love to tell you good news! You’ve been waiting and asking to do this for a long time. And, now it has finally happened! KICK token transaction fees have been cut in half.

Today, September 23, 2021, we reduced KICK token transaction fee.

Previously the transaction fee was 10%, with 5% being redistributed to token holders and 5% being burned. Now the transaction fee is reduced to 5%! It is still split in half: 2.5% goes to staking and 2.5% to burning.

KICK token transactions are now more profitable!

So, is this good news? We think it is. And very soon we we’ll be announcing a KICK Burn Contest starting October 4. You’ll have a chance to win x5, x4 or x3 of the burned amount! And if the contest goes well, we will not only burn 1.7M KICK, but also distribute 1M KICK to all the holders. It will be the BIGGEST staking bonus ever. Everybody wins! You are our community, and we will do our best to please you as often as possible. After all, only together will we fly tothemoon!

Do not forget that now trading on KickEX has become even more convenient: on August 31, KICK Crypto Exchange & Wallet app for iOS became available in the App Store!

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