KickCoin enters 3 major exchanges

Dear community,

It is less than 7 hours left till the end of our ICO. It was an exciting way, full of struggles and obstacles which we managed to overcome. With your support and belief we have now the result equal to 79 784 ETH and this number still keeps on growing, so I had to rewrite the number 10 times since I start writing this article.

Now, when we’re coming to our “debut” completion, we look forward and already make further steps for our development–starting from October we will be listed on 3 major exchanges: HitBTC, WEX (ex BTC-E) and CyberEx (C2CX).

We are frequently asked: “When KickCoin will be listed on exchanges?”. Today we have great news for you — by now we have finally agreed with HitBTC WEX (ex BTC-E) and CyberEx (C2CX) that KickCoin will be listed and traded on these exchanges very soon. Who will be the first — we will announce later, but it will happen in the first days of October. Listing on the next two is planned with an interval of 1–2 weeks. So, for those who cannot manage to buy our KickCoins now during our ICO, soon you can see and purchase our tokens on the following exchanges.

Well, the first one–HitBTC–well known for its convenient interface, user-friendliness and security. Launched in 2014, now this exchange works with many cryptocurrencies. Deposits are accepted in dollars, euros, etc. In total, the site presents more than two dozen of currencies, both digital and fiat.

Then, WEX is the cryptocurrency exchange previously known as BTC-E that was closed in July 2017. Now, representatives of WEX said that: “We created an exchange, that will operate according to laws of Anti-money laundering, Know your customer and world practices in this field”. Despite the scandal around BTC-E, along with the transferred user balances, each WEX user will receive bonus crypto tokens.

In relation to Chinese regulation, leading Chinese exchange listed in TOP-30 world exchanges–C2CX–from now on will be controlled by CyberTrust and it becomes new exchange named CyberEX, operating both with EUR, USD and RUB. But besides this modification, the volume of trading, client base and etc remain the same, i.e migration for clients will be not noticeable. As far as KICKICO collaborates with CyberTrust, KickCoin will be listed on CyberEX exchange immediately after some technical work is completed. By the way, KickCoin will be the first altcoin listed on CyberEX (C2CX).

Last off… Bittrex, Poloneix, Bitfinex — when? We applied to these exchanges, two of them requested for additional documents, which we successfully sent back. Now we are waiting for the solution from their side, it can take time — big exchanges treat new tokens with caution and perform a thorough review. That is why we cannot state the exact time when our KickCoin is going to be listed on these exchanges, however from our side we do everything possible to accelerate the process.

Stay tuned, participate in our (ongoing yet) ICO and feel free to ask questions in our Telegram chat:

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