KickCoins Accepted! Buying games for KickCoins is not a virtual reality but rather our near-term plans with RBK Games

Definitely good news for MMORPG amateurs — KICKICO officialy agreed on collaboration with one of the leading Russian game platforms — RBK Games.

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As a matter of fact, RBK Games are not limited only with MMORPG products, they release games of absolutely different styles and genres, browser and mobile games.

So, Finally! Paying with cryptocurrencies is not something from the future. It’s becoming a reality right now. We are going to drive this hi-tech vehicle together with our partners — RBK Games and let gamers use our KickCoin tokens for purchases made on RBK Games. Literally zero commissions, self-sufficiency, transparency, transaction security, instant payments, open-source technology, absence of third-parties involved are just some of the many advantages of our digital currency which can make RBK Games users’ purchases even simpler and more secure.

Through KICKICO’s technology the first round of the crowdfunding campaign, with Magisters of Magic being its pioneer has been started. At this point, KICKICO has been busy processing around 250 projects from various sectors — real business, education, fintech-startup concepts, and mostly game marketing campaigns. All the successful campaigns turning into real games in case of collecting the required amount of money will get a chance to join RBK Games platform.

Also keep in mind that the authors of gaming concepts or pretty much any other ideas will get a chance to be selected by KICKICO’s editorial board and join KICKONOMY, which is the platform’s ecosystem. This means that after the game has been launched, the user will be able to use both conventional payment methods and KickCoins. Simply put, this is a win-win solution.

With the best hope for a very long-term collaboration with RBK Games.

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