Two Years of KickEX: The Journey

KickEX crypto exchange

Like any other milestone, birthdays have traditionally been a time for taking stock and reflecting on your past accomplishments. Here at KickEX, it’s still too early for us to do this, but in honor of our second anniversary, we want to commemorate the exchange’s milestones in key areas and plan new ones for the future.

On June 1, 2020, we launched open testing mode, marking the start of KickEX. Our first participants and transactions came shortly after, and ten days later, we launched our first trading contest. That’s when things kicked into action.

Listings are what we do best

KickEX doesn’t have important or unimportant coins. Nonetheless, there was the BCH listing that took place on August 13, 2020, as well as our own listing on CoinMarketCap, while KickEX’s first 10 tokens appeared on the exchange in February 2021.

Take care of our participants

This is our daily motto, which is why in July 2020 we made KYC authentication less stringent, and in early September, we allowed fiat buying. KickEX always guarantees the lowest fees, so after four months, at the beginning of October 2020, we lowered maker/taker fees and introduced new fee ranges at 0.05% and 0.07% initially. Even something as small as changing the terminal interface is still about taking care of our participants for us.

Working in the legal field

It has always been important for us to develop the exchange while acting in accordance with the rules. This has allowed KickEX to receive a new license from the Financial Supervisory Authority of Estonia on October 15, 2020. And that has led to us advocating for and actively working on introducing crypto-market regulating mechanisms in the Russian Federation.

Solutions for comfortable work

This point is just as important to us as it involves the best trading conditions on the exchange. For this very reason, we launched our market making in December 2020 and upgraded it as early as January. This ensured that our platform would operate smoothly and undergo hedging on Binance. Recognition is important to everyone, and KickEX is no exception. We were very pleased to be ranked 136th in the spot exchange ranking back in January 2021 before rising to 108th a month later in February. In March of the same year, we were in the 80th spot, and in April this rose to 70th.


Without a doubt, ease of use has a lot to do with digitalization. A cryptocurrency exchange must always strive to be as digital as possible. So on February 11, 2021, we launched a public beta version of the iOS app, and fully implemented it in August. Even today, we continue to improve this application, have launched the Android version and have just refined it.


KickEX practically runs itself, but we also offer work opportunities to our members. To this end, we’ve created and implemented our very own referral program. In April 2021, we significantly improved it by offering valuable conditions for all referrals.


KickEX can’t exist without the other KICK Ecosystem tools that it’s connected to. A total of 12 of these tools exist in the ecosystem. Understanding how important resource mobilization is, we went through with launching KickICO v.4 on March 1, 2021, and started off with an AIO campaign for QUASA on May 15 of that year. New AIOs are on the horizon. .

Various tools for work

Today, there are over 50 tokens in the KickEX listing. Among these are the most common ones and the newer ones, such as STRM and DIT. We launched these tokens to expand our members’ trading options. We also allow users to stake our own KICK token, KISHU, SAFEMOON, and others.

And this isn’t the limit. There are new listings coming soon, including “gaming” tokens. By this fall, we’re expecting to launch margin trading as a new incentive for traders to engage on KickEX. Every day, we strive to make our service more convenient, interesting, and effective to work with, and to promote optimal market regulation in the Russian Federation along with increased cryptocurrency distribution all over the world.

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