KickEX App Update for iOS

Pushes for deposits and withdrawals, new languages and other changes

Download KickEX app on the App Store

Hey hey! The KICK team is with you again. Today we will tell you about the update of the already beloved KickEX app for iOS. Version 1.5.0 is already available for download.

Briefly: we added pushes for deposits and withdrawals, translated the app to 5 languages and made our app more user-friendly.

So, more details:

How to enable notifications? You need to go to “Settings”, go to the “Notifications” section, select the KickEX app and swipe the cursor to the notification permission.

And how beautiful your screen looks now!

Download KickEX app on the App Store
Download KickEX app on the App Store

2. The second important update: the addition of new languages. Our community covers different countries and unites users who speak different languages. And our team loves each of you! Therefore, we localized the app into the following languages:

The language in the app depends on the configured language in the phone. There is no need to change anything in KickEX app.

We are already translating the app into other languages. For example, KickEX app will be translated into Arabic. Very soon we will add to KICK CryptoExchange & Wallet all the languages that are available in the web version of the exchange.

Let’s make the app more convenient and easier together! What other languages do you think are missing in the app? Write about your wishes on Twitter and tag our account @kickexcom. We are always happy to listen to your opinion!

3. Also we fixed a number of minor errors and bugs, made a number of UX/UI improvements. Nothing serious, but the application has become more useful.

We work every day to make our exchange the most profitable and pleasant to use for you. We will be glad to receive feedback and reviews from our favorite users! Please write your opinion about KickEX app on Twitter, here in the comments, and also leave feedback in the App Store. Our team carefully reads all messages and tries to bring them to life.

Thank you for being with us! Let’s fly to the moon together.

There will be more cool news, so that not to miss them join to KICK community on social networks and stay tuned for our updates:

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