access issue for users of AVG and Avast antiviruses

Our security team is aware of the issue and is already solving the problem

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UPDATE (!) We already got the answer from AVG and Avast, the problem will be solved within 24 hours.

  1. What is the issue? Currently, some Kick Ecosystem users are facing a problem with accessing the exchange website

2. Who has access problems? The problem is observed among users of Avast and AVG antiviruses.

3. Why did it happen? We assure you that there is some kind of incident with a false positive.

4. What did we discover? According to the portal “virustotal”, no threats have been detected on the site by any of the 79 antivirus engines. According to the same “virustotal” portal, we were spotted in only three of the 93 databases of problematic URLs. According to the portal the website of the exchange does not contain “malware” and is not in the blocklists.

5. What is being done at the moment? Currently, the problem is being processed, we are sending a report to antivirus developers about false positives with all the licenses of the exchange attached.

6. Are there any concerns for the users? No, KickEX is a legal cryptocurrency exchange licensed in the European Union (Estonia). User safety is one of our top priorities. Our technical team will solve the problem with access in the near future.

7. I am ready to help. What should I do?

Please, send a report of “false positive”:

Avast —


Always yours,

Kick Ecosystem Team

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