KickEX demo account features

Discover all the exchange features and trade with demo funds on a KickEX demo account

There are just a few more steps left until the official launch of KickEX, so we want you to get ahead and start playing around with the demo account. It is possible to test the trading software and try out trading with the demo funds on the account. You can already do so in the beta version of the exchange.

KickEX is one of those very few exchanges where complex orders are found: double stop and trailing stop. At the beginning of the demo-mode, there will be trading in pairs generated by a special bot. This mode allows you to learn how to use complex orders correctly. This will help you to understand the functionality of the trailing stop order better since the demo version knows in advance which direction the price will go.

Later, we plan to launch real trading pairs that are featured on KickEX exchange. This will give you the opportunity to learn to trade in real-time and under real market conditions with real trading charts. The only difference is demo-funds. You do not risk your own money, but at the same time, you learn. Trade on a demo account is the same as you would on a real KickEX exchange market.

Besides, all updates and developments on the exchange will first appear on the demo version, so that our users can independently test the new features of KickEX and provide feedback to the development team.

Try trading with test funds!

Kick Ecosystem Team